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Welcome to the web blog where we aim to publish not only detailed analysis of brands including editorial reviews along with your views and complaints but also tips for consumers and brands. We will share details of various review reward contests as well as brand offers from time to time. We hope you like this blog and subscribe to it.

What is is an online platform to  connect consumers and brands in India. Its absolutely FREE to use for both  consumers and brands. It allows consumer to express their good or bad views about any product or services they have used and at the same time it helps brand to connect to their existing customers to solve their problems and appreciate their views which in turn brings in new future customers. Its a WIN WIN situation for both customer and brands.

Our AIM – A Strong Indian Consumer & Growing Helpful Brands

We wish to develop as a strong consumer community which can be relied upon before using any product or service. A strong Indian consumer is what we aim for. And at the same time we wish to help grow brands which are most helpful to their users because customer service matters and if its not up to the mark, it does not matter how good or bad your product or service is, it makes the whole experience bitter, stressful and disappointing.

Why Share Your Views?

By writing reviews of products or services you use or have ever used, you will  not only help others make a right decision in selecting that product or service which you reviewed but it will also help you in long term making brands better and more responsive to its customers. And that’s not all! To encourage our users for writing reviews (good or bad), we reward them by giving an opportunity to make money for life with reviews and we also run various review reward contests in which users can participate and win tons of prizes.

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