Can Ola Be Booked Without App?

Yes, an OLA cab can be booked without an OLA app on your phone. You can book an OLA cab without an app easily and a cab would be at your doorstep in no time.

How To Book An OLA Cab Without Ola Cab App

OLA makes it very easy to book a cab without an app. Simply visit from your desktop or mobile browser and enter your pick up and destination details to book a cab without any APP on your phone.

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What Are Ola Cabs Rates?

Ola cabs is an online application that allows you to book cabs with drivers on their platform. You can pay online or by cash for an Ola cab ride.

OLA Cab Rates

OLA cab rates are affordable and better than driving your own car and hence people prefer an OLA cab when driving to a mall for shopping or going to a multiplex for movies. Many people use Ola cabs to drive to their office daily. 

The usual OLA cab rates can be found on its APP for different categories of cabs. Approx rates for an OLA cab ride in a sedan is ₹ 9-12  per km plus ₹ 2 per minute. 

Ola cabs also offer city and outstation rentals for which they charge package rates starting from approx ₹ 150-200 per hour per 10 kms.

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Is Ola Better Than Uber?

We get this question a lot of time from a lot of cab users. Is an Ola cab better than an Uber cab? Before we answer that question let us first tell you about Ola Cabs. Ola cabs is an online software application based on GPS that allows anyone looking for rides (known as riders) to connect with cab drivers. Uber is based on the same principle. So while both Uber & OLA are the same type of companies, there are some functional differences which makes Uber better than OLA for some people and vice versa.

Uber Payment System Is Better Than The OLA Cabs

Drivers of OLA cabs complain that the online payments which riders pay using OLA Money or OLA postpaid takes a lot of time and effort to get to their own bank accounts. Whereas with Uber, the online payment comes quickly and seamlessly to their bank accounts and hence you will find reports of riders (cab users) of OLA cabs complaining about drivers declining rides where they are to be paid using online methods such as cards, OLA money or OLA postpaid. This issue is very less with Uber cabs.

Uber Is A Global Company Whereas OLA Started In India

Uber is a multinational company whereas OLA cabs started its services in India and has expanded to few more countries in recent times. As such the processes and functional procedures of Uber are better as compared to OLA cabs because they cater to a larger market and know the issues of different locations and cultures. 

The Price & Payment System Of Uber Is Better Than OLA Cabs

Riders of Uber when comparing the price of cabs with OLA cabs for the same route, same time and same distance rides, get a better price with Uber. Also card payments with Uber are easy and after every ride. You can also pay with PayTM but you need to add balance before the ride.

Car Quality Is Similar In Both Uber & OLA Cabs

The Quality and standard of cabs and their drivers are almost similar in both companies because most of the drivers attach their cabs to both companies to generate better business for their cars.


Overall, as per riders, Uber seems a bit better as compared to OLA cabs. How was your experience with OLA Cabs & Uber? Write an OLA Cabs review or Uber review today on to help other consumers in India and also earn reward points everyday which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards anytime. Write a review today.

Swiggy OR Zomato? Which One Delivers Better Experience In India – Consumer Survey By

As part of our ongoing efforts to help consumers in India better, is running a consumer survey to discover which out of Swiggy and Zomato delivers better experience to its user base in India.

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How To Get Refunds?

For Indian consumers, its important to know about ways to get refund for their transactions considering that a large number of Indian consumers are going for online transactions. While an online transaction has its benefits, the most common question people have confusion about is how to get refunds for their online or cashless transactions if needed. And what they can do if the other party is not responding or helping. In this post, we will try and answer your all questions regarding this.

Refunds For POS Sales

After demonetization, almost every shop in India is now having POS (Point Of Sale) machines for accepting card payments. When you pay using your card and need a refund later, the machine and the vendor/shop owner has the ability to refund the partial or full amount of sale directly back to your card. Whey they do so, banks take time to refund but you will be getting your refund back to your card within 1-7 business days mostly. In case, if a vendor is saying that he refunded you but you haven’t got a refund even after 7 business days, contact your card issuing bank.

Refund For Wallet Transactions

With more use of online payments, India has got a lot of online payment wallet companies as well like PayTM, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, etc. If you use any of them for payment, all refunds will be credited back to your wallet balance most of the times until you made a transaction with a wallet which do not allow you to keep wallet balance. So if you get refund of any of your wallet payments, be sure to first check your wallet account balance. Most of the vendors using wallet payments can refund your payment in full or partially with the amount reflecting in your wallet account balance instantly. In case you do not get a refund, you can contact the wallet company for help which is another benefit of paying from a wallet.

Refund For Online Payments

When you pay online, you and your card are not physically present. In such scenarios, it is advisable to use your credit card for online payments where you can control the limit of spending as well as make a dispute with your bank in case you do not get what you paid for or someone misuses your card details. In case you use a debit card, try and use it through wallet payment services so that you can contact them in case of any disputes. To get a refund for online payments, contact the vendor you paid online and they can refund your payments in full or partially easily. Banks will take some time (1-7 business days) to credit the amount back to your card so have patience because obviously, paying online is instant and money gets deducted from your account instantly but when you need a refund, there is no option but to wait for your bank to process the refund request which the vendor will initiate.

Refund For UPI Payments

When you are using UPI for transferring money for any transaction online or offline, you are also able to get instant refund to your bank account when a vendor refunds you. Try and use reputed online payment wallet companies to register your bank account and create your UPI handle. This way, they can also track your transactions and can help you in case of any disputes.

Refund For Net Banking Payments

Net Banking payments are instant and cannot be reversed which means pay using Net Banking only when you know the vendor of your transaction can be trusted. If you need to use Net Banking for a vendor not so known, try and use it through an online payment wallet so that in case of any issues, you can contact the wallet company for help. To get a refund, you need to contact the vendor but he will not be able to refund it directly to your bank account if you paid through Net Banking without a wallet so do provide your vendor your bank account details in which you wish to get the refund.

So there you have it. Whatever ways you use to pay online, refunds are possible so do use digital transactions as it helps you in many ways and do not worry about getting refunds later if needed. If you follow the above process, there will generally be no issues in getting refund as and when needed. Already using online payments? Please write bank reviews, payment wallet reviews and online or offline shopping reviews on to help other Indian consumers make a right decision on which company or vendor to trust. Also get a chance to win Amazon gift cards with your reviews.

Online Grocery Delivery Services In India

India, with its increasing use of fast accessible Internet, is on the forefront of start ups trying to take the brick and mortar businesses to the online market. Online shopping of grocery is one such category where some of the players are already established while some are still launching their services every now and then. ReviewItIndia brings you the list of top online grocery delivery services in India. If you have used any of these, do help other consumers by writing reviews about them on and also get a chance to win Amazon gift cards.


Founded in 2011, BigBasket is one the leading companies delivering groceries for thousands of customers everyday in India. You can  go to either their website or download their Android or iOS application and select your location to browse the products available to you and place your order. They accept online payments as well as cash on delivery.


Founded in 2013, Grofers has captured the market by offering smart club members only prices and timely delivery of essential groceries. Similar working concept to that of BigBasket, you can go online either to their website or mobile application, select your location to browse the products available for you and place an order for delivery. They too accept all major payment methods including wallets & cash on delivery.

Amazon Fresh

Its an Amazon service currently delivering in only select cities of India. Similar to the Amazon shopping app, you can do Amazon Fresh shopping on same app by selecting your delivery location, browsing available products and placing orders for selected time slots. Pay using Amazon Pay or any online methods.

Amazon Pantry

Similar to Amazon Fresh but different in terms that it sells only packed grocery items and not fresh ones. Available to more cities and offer great offers every month. To shop, just select Pantry category in or Amazon online shopping app.


Being a retail store which also sells grocery, they also allow anyone to browse the available products online on OR on Spencer’s mobile application and place an order online. They deliver on time and also accept online payments however most of the time, they are not able to fulfill your complete order but they offer instant refunds in case you paid from a wallet.

Nature’s Basket

Started by Godrej and later acquired by Spencer’s in May 2019, Nature’s Basket offers online shopping of gourmet food in many cities around India. Good quality curated product selection focusing more on healthy living and international cuisine can be found on their website or mobile app.

Writing A Good Review To Help Others

A good review means your real & honest re-view of anything. How it looks to you? What are the things you feel should be appreciated or should be brought to the notice of the others so they can avoid it. Your review should not consist of basic generic information as that’s already available online for others to see. It should only consist of your views regarding the product or service or brand or place.

So with this post, we will try and highlight few points which if you will keep in mind while writing a review, it will surely be a good review and will not only help a lot of consumers in India but will also help you gain trust as a review author and with more and more brands in India going online nowadays for marketing, your position as a good review author can earn you free product samples, free hotel stays and sometimes some handy extra income for writing honest reviews. So you have got nothing to lose but a lot to gain by writing a good genuine review.

Be Honest In Your Review

This is most important thing. If your review sounds like a promotion or a personal bashing, it won’t gain the trust of the consumers reading it. No matter how sad, angry or happy you are while writing your review, keep it honest and describe what expectations you had and what you got. Do not make it personal. A genuine good or bad review is more appealing to a future consumer so your honest opinion will help them make a better decision.

Write What You Can Prove

Most of the time people write a lot of things in their reviews but do not have enough evidence to prove that what they wrote is truth. So write only the facts and things you can prove later if asked in your review. This way, your review will stand out among other generic reviews as a solid review backed up by facts and evidences.

Keep It Simple & Short

An age long saying is to keep it simple & short. You don’t need a long review to make your point. Rather, keep it short and simple. Make your points right away, do not tell a story. A review is your view about anything so you should just stick to the points you wish to make. People are more willing to read quick reviews rather than long ones. Also especially in India, English is not the first language and hence you should use simple words in your review so that even someone with very little knowledge of English can understand it.

Post Pictures & Videos If You Can

Along with your reviews, pictures can help say it louder so if you have any pictures that can support your review, do post it. And if you have made videos about the thing you are reviewing then post it as well along with your review to make your review look more genuine and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Highlight The Main Points

Sometimes people are in a hurry but they still search online to read reviews quickly before making their decision so in that case, if you can highlight major points in your review by making those lines BOLD or underlined OR bullet points then that will surely get the attention.

Summarize The End

No matter the length of your reviews, do summarize it at the end so that others know what exactly you decided. So writing even a single line at the end of your review like “Due to the issues I faced with customer service of this brand, I would think twice before using this brand products in future”, will help other consumers make their mind.

So keep the above points in mind for a good review and write a review today on to help others & also get a chance to win Amazon gift cards with our review reward contests. For any help, do comment below or contact our support team.

Get Social Campaign By ReviewItIndia


Social media has a massive reach in India. So whenever you do a written review or video review of anything on social media, it could potentially reach the masses as well as the brands associated with your reviews very easily. But the social media is mostly flooded with bad reviews only and while we support both bad and good reviews, we encourage consumers to write good reviews as well because if something is good, it probably needs more publicity so that more and more consumers can get benefit of the good thing as well.

In order to achieve that goal, ReviewItIndia is launching Get Social campaign on major social media platforms, namely – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. We will be rewarding users of these four platforms for doing original honest reviews on their social media accounts. So if you use any of the above four social media platforms, you can do a review in writing or by video of anything in India, that is, movies, products, shopping, websites, restaurants, doctors, hospitals, apps, beauty products, services & even places so you can do a review on basically anything in India. And once you write/post a review, just add a hash tag #ReviewItIndia so that we can get to it.

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The only rules are:

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Additional Terms of Campaign:

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We, at any time, can modify the terms of this campaign or end it. In every matter related to the campaign, the decision of staff shall be deemed final and no further appeals can be made anywhere. Please read full campaign terms and conditions which you agree to if you are participating in this campaign. Also, all the website terms and conditions are also applicable for the campaign and if you breach any of the conditions (campaign or website), you will be ineligible for any prize or reward.

Ausmo Cables Review: Better Than The Originals

Ausmo Cables Editorial Review, Rated  (4.5 / 5) By Our Editors

Ausmo is an American brand that manufactures and sells cables for mobiles in India as well. The company has other product range but this review focuses solely on the cables of Ausmo company. In use by one of our editors, we have found the cables made by Ausmo to be sturdy, tangle free, good speed charging and data transfer capable. And hence it gets 4.5 stars in our editorial review.


First thing you will notice upon getting any of the cable by Ausmo is the sleek packaging. Its impressive and it keeps the cable safe in transit.


Each cable fits exactly the way it should. Size is good enough for charging or transferring data from a bit far (you can order a large size as well). The cable is strong and will not tangle or break soon so seems durable. The charging seems as fast as original charging cable and data transfer speed is very good as well.


Each of their cable comes with a free 12 months warranty. If you face any issues, all you need to do is contact them and they will take care of it for you. You might need to courier the cable but at least you are not wasting all your money in case cable is damaged or becomes faulty within 12 months.


Pricing is competitive and as per quality you get. You won’t find any better cables in this price range.

Customer Support

You can contact Ausmo team by email or call or whatsapp for any queries before or after your purchase. They claim to reply within 24-48 hours.


Ausmo cables are value for money, strong and durable. We can say in some cases, its better than the originals.


Have you used Ausmo cables? If yes, please write Ausmo cable reviews today on and help other consumers in India make the correct choice by reading honest user reviews. Also get a chance to make money for life and win gift cards with review reward contests.

Reward Code Offer

In our mission to encourage Indian consumers to write genuine reviews, be it good or bad, we are launching reward code offer starting 1st Dec 2019. Here on this page and on our various other pages, you will find reward codes which you can apply if you are posting a review after logging into your consumer account. Once applied and review is then submitted, you will get a message of success or failure depending upon whether the reward code is still active or not. The reviews will be be approved and published by our editorial team. If your review is published for which you applied the reward code successfully, you need to contact us after your review is published to get your reward.

The only rules are:

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  • The review should be at least 100 words long and not published anywhere else on Internet

Current Reward Code Offer:

There is no current reward code offer available.

Log in to your consumer account at (register for free if you don’t have an account yet) and apply reward code while posting a review after logging in on the add review page in the field where it asks for a reward code. If successfully applied, you will see a success message and reward code details after submitting the review. You will also see it applied on the table in my reviews page. So once that review is published, you need to contact us to get your Rs.25 Amazon gift card. Remember, the code can be used multiple times so if you post let’s say 10 reviews with that code and you contact us after all are published, you will get Rs.25 x 10 = Rs.250 Amazon Gift Card. But the code will expire after some fixed number of overall uses so start writing reviews today and applying the code so that you can make the most of it while its still active. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

Additional Terms of Offer:

Reward codes expire after a limited number of uses. So after it has expired, you won’t be able to submit a review with that reward code anymore and hence your review would not be eligible for reward of that reward code even if its being advertised at that time. Also date and time of reward code offer end if any will be announced on this page. Any reviews submitted after that time (reward code offer end date & time) for reward claim will not be eligible for the reward. Unless you can apply reward code to your review and then get it published and then contact us, you will not get any reward. We will send all the reward gift cards to the registered email IDs of the users within one month of contacting us.

We, at any time, can modify the terms of offer or end it. In every matter related to the offer, the decision of staff shall be deemed final and no further appeals can be made anywhere. Please read full offer terms and conditions which you agree to if you are participating in this offer. Also, all the website terms and conditions are also applicable for the offer and if you breach any of the conditions (offer or website), you will be ineligible for any prize or reward.