Bigg Boss 12 Day 47 Updates

Day started with Badtameez Dil Song. Housemates were seen discussing about the Kal Kothari Ki Saja and they wanted to send Deepak and Megha to the kKal Kothari. Later Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to vote 3 names who they think are deserving for Kal Kothari Ki Saja. After discussion everyone agreed upon Rohit, Megha and Deepak.
Bigg Boss asked Sreesanth that with his special power he can swap one out of the three with any other housemate. Sreesanth saved Deepak and sent Karanvir instead to which everyone got upset. Dipika even argued with Sree as he did not support Karanvir and sent him to jail without his fault. Sree justified that he just wanted to be fair enough and majority votes were against Karanvir so he selected his name.
Later, Bigg Boss introduced a new task named Maybelline NewYork Queen in which Bigg Boss asked Somi, Jasleen and Shristy to compete against each other and they have to impress Rohit with their make up and chat with him that why they are better than other two. Rohit has to select one out of the three and the one who wins will be crowned and will dance on a romantic song with Rohit on stage.

Rohit after three rounds of discussions with each girl decided that Shristy is the winner and hence she wins the crown and dances on stage with Rohit on a romantic song. Later housemates discuss Rohit bias towards Shristy and that made Shristy uncomfortable as she is seen discussing this matter with Rohit in the bathroom area and later even breaks down discussing the same with Karanvir.

Let’s what happens in this weekend with Salman Khan. Keep reading the daily updates.