Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 13-14th Oct 2018 Updates

Weekend Ka Vaar is here with lots of twist and drama. Two contestants Anup ji and Sreesanth who are staying in the secret room are now supposed to enter the house this weekend after getting one eliminated among KV and Neha.

Salman questioned Deepika that why she chose Sreesanth to go home. Deepika clarifies that he wanted to go home so I helped him. Surabhi and Romil speak against Deepika that she thought him to be a competition and this was the best chance to get rid of him as being a friend she could have saved him. Deepak sang the same song for Sreesanth on Salman’s request on which Sree gets emotional.

Karanvir was even asked by Salman as why he did not support Deepak when he complained to him of Shivashish hitting him. KV went ahead and apologised to Salman saying that it was his mistake that he did not support Deepak. The discussion came about Shivashish intentionally hitting Deepak as it was a planned move by him with Saurabh and Sreesanth.

Saurabh denied that he wasn’t aware of the plan where Salman played two clips in front of the audience where planning and execution of the same was shown. Shivashish did not feel like accepting it as his mistake but later accepted and sorted the matter out. Later Shristy and Saba were asked to clear their point as such ugly fights were not supposed to happen inside the house. Shristy apologised and accepted her mistake.

Salman lashed out at all the contestants for being physical with each other. He warns them that if this happens again he will throw that person out of the house. Then Shivashish was sent to the torture room where he had to spice onion until Bigg Boss doesn’t stop him. Later Kajol came to promote her upcoming movie Helicopter Eela on the stage with Salman Khan.

He asked her to arrange blocks of Ajay Devgan’s face puzzle while he kept asking her questions, she won it. Kajol went inside Bigg Boss house and played games with the contestants. Later housemates were seen celebrating Navratri night with some known faces inside the house. Divyansh was seen as a host for navratri night in the garden area. He engaged all the contestants in some or other tasks and also called Advil-Alok to perform as well. It was such a great time seeing so many dancers performing on one single night. Lately Neha Pendse was eliminated this week.

Tomorrow would be a new twist as BB will dissolve the concept of Jodi and from now on ward each will play for their own. Most probably Anup ji and Sreesanth would enter the house so a lot to look out for. Stay connected and keep reading.