Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 20th Oct 2018 Updates

Salman started the show today and showed clips of the Kaal Kothari where Sreesanth and Surabhi got into ugly fight and housemates are seen discussing about Surabhi’s smoking in the bathroom.

Salman went inside the house and congratulated Shivashish for his captaincy. Later spoke to Sreesanth about his behaviour on the Ghoda Gadi task where he spitted on Deepak’s name. Surabhi told Salman that he does everything to gain attention from all the housemates and intentionally created chaos inside the house.

Salman advised Sreesanth to maintain his dignity as he is a sportsman and he should not behave aggressively inside the house. Salman even clarified that Surabhi did not smoke in the bathroom and Jasleen was held responsible for her false allegations against Surabhi. Salman announces Karanveer and Shristy to be safe from elimination tonight. Later calls Appy Fizz caller of the week who asks Jasleen as why she is forming a gang inside the house. When asked about the housemate to be sent to the torture room, most voted against Surabhi. As she is a vegetarian she asked Romil to go at her place as there was a fish inside and he did it for her. Let’s see who gets evicted tomorrow, till then keep reading and do what you love to do.