Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 21st Oct 2018 Updates

Today on start of the show, Karanveer got to see video sent by her family. Later Sohaib (Deepika’s husband), Bhuvneshwari (Sreesanth’s wife) and Manish (Shristy’s fiancé) were called on the stage and allegations were charged against their partners and they had to defend them. Sohaib was asked to answer on behalf of Dipika where he defended her completely saying she is a genuine person and has no intention to hurt others.

Dibang was also on the stage with Salman to ask about allegations made on the housemates. Later came Manish who protected Shristy saying she doesn’t get into unnecessary fights. Lastly came Bhuvaneshwari whom Dibang asked about Sreesanth’s character as what he is doing inside the house. When Salman said that he is disrespectful towards other contestants to which she defended that he is natural and he doesn’t speak Hindi much that’s why he gets benefit of doubt. Dibang was convinced that Sreesanth’s wife was great defending him and later all of them left.

In Sultani Akhada Salman called Romil and Sreesanth, where Romil won the game. Later Sreesanth and Romil get into verbal arguments regarding Sultani Akhada. Jasleen and Saba are safe from today’s eviction. Saurabh Patel was evicted tonight and Salman Khan announces the entry of wild card contestants soon in the house. Let’s see what happens next and who joins the housemates.