Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 22 Sep 2018 Updates

So here comes the first “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode of Bigg Boss season 12 with all the major twist and turns that happened around the week. Dibang came in BB house TV with some fake news just to spice up the day. All the housemates got tensed as what they will answer to the host Salman Khan when he will question them.

Salman decided to play prank with them and started talking in a strange way to the housemates. He started with Shristy as she bad mouthed Anup and Jasleen but later confronted that it was just a prank. KV, Romil and Nirmal came out of jail to speak to be a part of the weekend episode . Deepak was seen entertaining the audience with his Hinglish and Anup even sang a devotional song on Mr khan’s request.

Later housemates selected Saba as the villain of the house and alleged her for being rude with her co contestants. Salman made her sit on a different chair and made her answer all the allegations. Even BB house first task was discussed and why it was cancelled, though everyone held Sree responsible for getting the task cancelled. But Salman made the whole group responsible for getting the task cancelled as it was a group task.

Deepika and Sristy Rode were announced safe though this week chances are that there would be no elimination. After talking to all the housemates Salman asked them to choose one among all to send to the torture room and Anup got higher number of votes. Anup went to the torture room where he was given a pipe to drink bitter gourd juice , egg whites etc. He did the task with full effort and came out smiling.

At the last segment we saw Sui Dhaga actor Varun Dhawan entering BB house to meet the housemates and promote his upcoming film. Everyone welcomed him and did some singing and dancing with him. He is still in the house and we got to watch the rest tomorrow. We are missing Jallad this season and also Salman’s style of saying bye (do whatever you want to do man) so let’s see how things work in BB 12 as till now there is no such spice which would get audience attention as in previous seasons.