Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 27th Oct 2018 Updates

This week Salman is back with lots of entertainment and gave us a glimpse of the last week on how housemates broke up with each other. He also showed how Sree behaved in the jail with Deepak and insulted him as well. He was seen abusing him for no valid reason just out of his anger and frustration. Salman also informed that this week there will be double elimination and two will go home out of the nominated contestants.

Salman enters the house through Panasonic OLED TV and welcomes the wild card entry Megha and Rohit. Then Salman asks housemates to take one name for Khalnayak Khursi. Majority voted for Deepak while Salman chose Sreesanth and ask him to sit on Khalnayak Khursi. Salman asks Jasleen to tell what exactly Sree said to Deepak, she repeats exactly his words to which Salman gets angry and tells him that this not how he should treat someone as most of us has come up from poor family.

He also says that this show does not support any kind of discrimination in terms of caste, color, status or religion and he should maintain his dignity. He also told Deepika and Shivashish not to support Sree in his actions as to the audience it is going on a wrong way. Salman also tells Sree not to threaten anyone that he will teach them outside house. Salman being the host of the show never supported anyone in their wrong behavior irrespective of the fact who that person is.

After Salman takes a break Sreesanth moves to the washroom and cries inside while Jasleen and Deepak request him to come out. Salman comes back and tells Shivashish he was the worst Sanchalak ever in the Bigg Boss house and he did not play his part well in the captaincy task. Salman then asks Deepika why did they shift their captaincy preference to which Jasleen said that Deepika is insecure with Megha as she feel that Megha is taking control of kitchen. Though Deepika denies the fact while Megha agrees and all housemates laugh.

Salman then tells all the housemates that they are being trolled for making wrong comments on Rohit Suchanti’s after his entrance in the house. Then he showed various clips where Sreesanth, Shivashish, Jasleen, Karanveer and Shristy were seen discussing about him. Many made comments on his sexual preferences and his way of dressing up. When Salman goes for a break Rohit loses his cool and started shouting at Sreesanth and tells him to look after his son. Salman later comes and tells all the housemates to be in their limits and not to speak anything wrong about each other.