Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 28th Oct 2018 Updates

Salman enters the house informing there was a Big Chef contest where Megha and Dipika competed with each other with their made food and all housemates had to taste and decide who is a better chef. When Deepika offered her food to Sreesanth he denied eating it though everyone else tasted. When Salman asked who cooks better all took Megha’s name though Salman said final decision lies with him and after tasting their food he also announced Megha as the winner.

Salman informed the housemates that according to an online survey most of the viewers want to see Karanveer and Deepak in the kitchen and Deepika doing the bathroom chores. Then appy fizz caller calls in and talks to Sreesanth and asks him why did he mix dishwasher which he wanted to give to Somi. All the housemates were shocked as they were unaware of it. Sreesanth clarifies saying he was just trying to scare her and would have never offered it to her to drink.

Later Salman called Anup Jalota out of the house saying he has been evicted this week. Then Salman tells Rohit that all girls were excited to see him in the house and asks him to sit on a love seat and asks him to select a girl with whom he wants to share his seat. He selects Shristy and sat with her. Meanwhile Salman noticed that Deepak stopped Somi from sitting beside Rohit to which Salman teased him along with other housemates.

Later Salman introduced an eggicting task where he told the conversations against any of the housemates and they had to guess who spoke such sentence and had to break an egg on their head. Task turned out to be very interesting as everyone took their chance. Later Happy club and Wolf pack goes to Sultani Akhada for Dangal where Wolf pack won the dangal. Finally Salman made the second eviction and eliminated Saba Khan out of the show to which Somi got upset and emotional. Let’s see what happens in the next week.