Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 29 Sep 2018 Updates

As one more week ends so here comes weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan. He will ask all the housemates today about last week and what is the exact problem going between all. He has also mentioned that this week there will be double eviction.

Ayushmann Khurrana is seen entering BB house and meeting all the contestants. He is also seen discussing with the housemates about all the issues. He also asks their opinion about who just follows others without putting his own opinion so housemates point out Nirmal and Saurabh.

He also asks the housemates to number the contestants on the basis of their entertainment and left the house. Then Salman enters through OLED TV and tells them that they are not aware how they look from outside and their numbering is far from being right. He later tells that Kathghara task will be conducted wherein few housemates have to answer the accusations by other housemates. Anup and Jasleen were the first one to stand in the katghara and answers all the accusations against them. Later comes Deepak and Urvashi where Deepak has been accused that he keeps buttering the housemates and playing safe. Deepak denies such allegations and says he doesn’t butter anyone. Later comes Karanvir Vohra who is being accused for being selfish, diplomatic and big game planner. He tries to defend himself and answers all the questions.

After discussing with all the housemates Romil is being sent to the torture room where he has to face some slaps. Later calls the Appy Fizz caller of the week who blames Sreesanth for being double standard whereas Romil even points at Sreesanth . He denies being double standard and even gets annoyed with Romil.

Salman is seen sharing the stage with Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu who are promoting their upcoming movie. They are seen doing some fun time on the stage with Salman Khan. Later Salman eliminates Kriti and Roshmi from the BB house saying tomorrow will be one more eviction. So let’s see who that single or Jodi is tomorrow.