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In India, people are getting quick and easy access to Internet nowadays. And hence its very important that you have an online presence. We at can help you market your business online irrespective of your band having or not having any online presence so far. Using and its tools for brands, you can have your website or offline business in front of people interested in buying products or services for your brand. Its very easy to get started and we provide forever free access for brands to our portal.  Please read the below carefully as we describe brand on boarding process on & how you can use your brand account along with our tools and services to market your business online.

Create Your Free Brand Account

The very first step is quick. Simply click here and register your brand by filling in the simple form. After that, just click on the confirmation email we send you to activate your brand account on

Benefits Of Your Featured Brand Page

Your own featured brand page will automatically collect all reviews posted for your brand, its product and services. Our staff tag these manually while approving and publishing reviews so you can be assured that only reviews related to your brand gets posted on your page and nothing else. Apart from your brand reviews, on top of this page you can write a small intro or any information and share any offers for your future customers. For example, if you own a bakery in Greater Kailash, New Delhi, you can write simply this: “Best Bakery In Greater Kailash, New Delhi Offering You Delicious Freshly Baked Pastries & Cakes. Order Online OR Visit Us. Quote ReviewItIndia20 To Get 20% Off On Orders Above 500. Limited Period Offer. Write Reviews Later For Us Below & Get A Pastry Free On Your Next Order.” So see how you can use this small space to encourage the reader to become your customer and also help you get more future customers by writing good reviews for you.

Setting Up Your Own Brand Review Page

Now you know how to use your brand page for your business so let’s set up one for you. First of all, please search on our website search bar your brand name to see if your brand page already exists. If yes, simply contact our brand support and they will help you edit it according to your wish. If you cannot find your brand page already, simply log in to your brand account on to set up one for yourself. If you have any doubt or need any help while setting this up, you can contact our brand support anytime at and they will happily do this for you.

Marketing Your Brand Review Page

So once you have your brand page approved and published, it will get indexed in Google and other search engines and now when people search about your brand reviews or any term related to your business, they might come to this page and read your good reviews and see your offers and become your customers. Like in our example, if someone searches bakery shop in Greater Kailash New Delhi, your brand review page might come in the search results or if someone searches, your bakery name reviews, this page will again come up in search results. Apart from search engines helping you get customers, you can also market this review page anywhere, on your social media accounts or on your website or in emails you send out or in your shop, showing off your good reviews and attracting future customers. Do share your page URL to your existing customers asking them to review you. The more genuine reviews you have, the more trustworthy it becomes for your future customers to trust your brand.

For a limited period of time, we are offering video creation for free to market your review page on Youtube. For good pages with unique offers for customers, our team might create videos to promote your review page. To increase your chances of getting marketed on our Youtube channel, please be sure to create your page with a unique offer for our readers only. For any questions or assistance for brands, contact us at

Fake Reviews: Bad For Both Consumers & Brands

In this Internet age, people tend to search online for reviews of products or services they are about to purchase or use in order to gain an insight of what the experience as a consumer would be. And while generally, consumers tend to post reviews only if things go bad, the bad reviews can be fake posted by a competitor business or a person who did not use the product or service at all. And then good reviews can also be fake to keep the online image of a brand clean.

Both good and bad fake reviews are harmful for both consumers and brands. For consumers, these fake reviews provide false sense of product and customer service of brand being good or bad and for brands, the bad fake reviews hurt the chance to get a new buyer/consumer. So as a consumer, while its your right to get a good product or service, its also your duty that:

  1. You should write reviews of everything for helping others.
  2. You should never write fake reviews.
  3. You should not write reviews for exchange of any incentive.
  4. You should report any fake review you come across.
  5. Encourage your friends and family to write only genuine reviews.

When a consumer write genuine reviews, it helps making consumer strong overall. At, we acknowledge the genuine reviewers by rewarding them with various review reward contests. And at the same time, we do not tolerate fake reviews. We allow anyone to report a fake review for investigation and if found fake, we will do any or all of the below:

  • Ban the user from
  • Ban the user device and IP from accessing
  • Strike out the review and report it as “Unverified/Fake”
  • While we are not responsible for any business loss (as per our T&C) for brands due to such reviews, we will help them pursue legal actions if they wish to do so by providing them the fake reviewer identifiable information for legal actions.

So its very important for you as a consumer to post only genuine reviews be it good or bad to avoid the above consequences and help us build a strong consumer community. Post genuine reviews often, we encourage it at and as explained above, reward our users for it with our review reward contests.