Bigg Boss 12 Day 38 Updates

Day 37 continued and so on the fight between the housemates for getting into captaincy race. Shristy, Sreesanth, Urvashi and Deepika are seen discussing about Karanveer’s fault as Sanchalak in the task. Whereas in the garden area Rohit is seen expressing his interest in becoming the captain, he even discusses the same with Romil. They don’t want Megha Dhande to be in the captaincy race and they all later decide that first they will take out Anup Jalota and then Shristy Rhode.

Somi is seen telling Shristy that she noticed Deepak staring her which makes her feel uncomfortable. Day 38 begins with the song Bachke Rehna Re Baba to which all the housemates danced. Housemates are seen discussing the strategy for the task in their way. Urvashi seems to be upset with Megha’s performance as Sanchalak and doesn’t want to see her as captain.

Romil is seen advising Deepak and Rohit that they should take out all whoever supports Karanveer. Urvashi even states that she is not happy with Deepak as his behaviour has completely changed. Late afternoon Deepak tried to convince her that he is playing for her and he wants to see her as the captain. Deepak tells her that she must speak to everyone to support her if she wants to become the captain. Deepak even ask her to stay away from celebrities as they are not allowing her to show up her personality though she believes they support her. They got into verbal argument to which they throw sipper and break it later housemates intervene to sort out the matter.

Task begins and Rohit gets hold of the egg and breaks Anup’s doll. Shristy tells him you did what was expected, you could have changed the entire game to which everyone decides they will now play on their own. Again Rohit gets the egg and this time he throws Somi out of the game to which she gets angry and starts crying.

Later Deepak gets the egg and destroys Shristy’s idol even though she told him that she is playing for Urvashi. Deepak again gets hold of egg and destroys Rohit’s doll getting him out of the race. Later Surabhi and Karanveer gets into verbal fight over the task as Karanveer has no one supporting him in the task and he doesn’t have a single egg.

Surabhi gets the next egg and takes Deepak cut out to destroy but later changes and destroys Urvashi’s. Shristy tells Urvashi that Deepak cheated her and he was never supporting her. Megha is seen telling Karanveer that how his teammates have left him and he is all alone. It is quiet visible from his face that he is very upset for no one supporting him. When Megha goes inside Karanveer steals her egg to which Saba and Deepak try to take it back.
Later Deepak gets the egg and destroys Surabhi’s doll as she asks him to do so.

Then Somi, Surabhi, Romil and Deepak along with Karanveer gave a group hug to each other and task ended with Megha, Somi and Deepak in the captaincy race. Karanveer is really upset with his teammates attitude and let’s see how he handles it.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 37 Updates

As the week progresses so the does the Bigg Boss drama where contestants are still angry over nominations. Wild card entries are making their place among them. While housemates are scared with two new wild card entries Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for this week. This task was named as BB poultry farm and it will also impact the next week nominations process.

Megha and Karanveer will be shopkeepers and they will also be competing against each other. As soon as hen lays an egg rest all of the contestants have to fight for it and get it in their hands and later they will give it to the shopkeeper and in return would ask them for effigy of other contestants whom they want to get evicted. Shopkeepers holding the highest number of eggs would be in the captaincy race.

Shivashish gets hold of the first egg and trade it with Karanveer to get Romil’s effigy destroyed. Romil and Shivashish get out of the task. Later Saba gets hold of another egg to which Deepika and Surabhi tries to get hold of and unintentionally Surabhi falls down. After the fight Megha and Karanveer disqualify both of them but BB interferes and ask to get them back in game as they have no rights to disqualify anyone.

Later Deepak gets another egg and gives it to Megha to get Sreesanth’s effigy destroyed. He again gets another egg but gives it to Surabhi who trades it with Karanveer and ask him to destroy Jasleen’s doll.

Karanveer doesn’t want to be in the captaincy race and wants Urvashi to be the next captain and discusses the same with Deepak asking him to support him. While few housemates gets upset, Urvashi said she will play her own game and needs no help. Most of the housemates think Karanveer is playing safe and portraying his image by making sacrifice for Urvashi.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow and who makes up to the captaincy race. Stay tuned and keep reading our blog for more updates.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 36 Updates

New week started and so the twists. Wild card entry happened tonight after Saurabh Patel was evicted from the house. So the first wild card entry today was Rohit Suchanti who is from acting industry. He grabbed all the eye balls with his grand entry and Surabhi got crazy looking at him. He later discussed with Romil and Deepak about his strategy and how they will work together to get Sreesanth out of the house.

Day 36 started with Priyanka’s romantic song Tune Maari Entriyaan hinting on how all the girls are getting crazy over the new contestant and the new wild card entry. Later Bigg Boss started the nominations task which was pretty different than the last ones. Housemates were called in group of three in the conference room where they have to agree for a name among them to be nominated for this week and there would be an expert on the screen (face not visible) who would make a final decision after listening to them.

So nominated contestants this week are Anup, Shristy, Saba and Surabhi. Though after getting nominated Saba got angry over Sreesanth and started teasing him about his strategy and plans. Late night Bigg Boss Marathi winner Medha entered the house as the second wild card entry for today and she was the one monitoring the nominations as expert guest or judge. Let’s see how she reacts to other housemates and what is their reaction after meeting a winner in the house.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 21st Oct 2018 Updates

Today on start of the show, Karanveer got to see video sent by her family. Later Sohaib (Deepika’s husband), Bhuvneshwari (Sreesanth’s wife) and Manish (Shristy’s fiancé) were called on the stage and allegations were charged against their partners and they had to defend them. Sohaib was asked to answer on behalf of Dipika where he defended her completely saying she is a genuine person and has no intention to hurt others.

Dibang was also on the stage with Salman to ask about allegations made on the housemates. Later came Manish who protected Shristy saying she doesn’t get into unnecessary fights. Lastly came Bhuvaneshwari whom Dibang asked about Sreesanth’s character as what he is doing inside the house. When Salman said that he is disrespectful towards other contestants to which she defended that he is natural and he doesn’t speak Hindi much that’s why he gets benefit of doubt. Dibang was convinced that Sreesanth’s wife was great defending him and later all of them left.

In Sultani Akhada Salman called Romil and Sreesanth, where Romil won the game. Later Sreesanth and Romil get into verbal arguments regarding Sultani Akhada. Jasleen and Saba are safe from today’s eviction. Saurabh Patel was evicted tonight and Salman Khan announces the entry of wild card contestants soon in the house. Let’s see what happens next and who joins the housemates.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 20th Oct 2018 Updates

Salman started the show today and showed clips of the Kaal Kothari where Sreesanth and Surabhi got into ugly fight and housemates are seen discussing about Surabhi’s smoking in the bathroom.

Salman went inside the house and congratulated Shivashish for his captaincy. Later spoke to Sreesanth about his behaviour on the Ghoda Gadi task where he spitted on Deepak’s name. Surabhi told Salman that he does everything to gain attention from all the housemates and intentionally created chaos inside the house.

Salman advised Sreesanth to maintain his dignity as he is a sportsman and he should not behave aggressively inside the house. Salman even clarified that Surabhi did not smoke in the bathroom and Jasleen was held responsible for her false allegations against Surabhi. Salman announces Karanveer and Shristy to be safe from elimination tonight. Later calls Appy Fizz caller of the week who asks Jasleen as why she is forming a gang inside the house. When asked about the housemate to be sent to the torture room, most voted against Surabhi. As she is a vegetarian she asked Romil to go at her place as there was a fish inside and he did it for her. Let’s see who gets evicted tomorrow, till then keep reading and do what you love to do.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 33 Updates

Captaincy task continued and so the revelation of the secrets. Today Shivashish went ahead and guessed correctly the secrets belonging to Romil, Saba and Surabhi. Later Surabhi told Bigg Boss that Shivashish answered 5 answers correctly and Deepak answered only 2 correctly. Bigg Boss then announces Shivashish as the next appy fizz captain of the house and revealed two more secrets belonging to Shristy and Deepika. Late night housemates were seen discussing about tomorrow’s Kaal Kothari Ki Saja and they agreed on Surabhi, Romil and Somi.

Day 33 started with housemates discussing about Surabhi’s reason for going to jail. Jasleen told everyone that she caught Surabhi smoking in the washroom. Romil asked everyone not to pick up this matter as this is a very sensitive topic and her parents aren’t aware of her smoking habit. Deepak told Surabhi about the same and she got angry on everyone and started shouting on top of her voice.

Everyone tried to calm her down but she didn’t listen. Later Bigg Boss asked the housemates to vote three names for Kaal Kothari Ki Saja. Mostly everyone voted against Sreesanth, Surabhi and Romil but later through captains power Shivashish saved Romil and voted Deepika instead on which Sreesanth got angry. He was upset as Shivashish chose Romil instead of him. On the other hand Surabhi was happy as she will now irritate Deepika and Sreesanth.

Tomorrow Salman Khan will come with the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and will let everyone know how they performed in the last week.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 32 Updates

Sreesanth, as he moved inside the house, was disqualified from the game Ghoda Gaadi by Deepika and Deepak. Sreesanth went ahead and apologised to Deepak and cried a lot realizing his mistake. Finally Bigg Boss ended the task and Deepak and Shivashish were nominated for BB captaincy race. Somi was upset with Romil for captaincy task.

Day 32 started with song Gupt movie title track. Deepak and Shivashish were seen convincing the housemates for their upcoming captaincy task. Romil and Sreesanth got into argument with each other for no reason. Late afternoon Bigg Boss assigned a task Sansani Khej Secrets and Deepak -Shivashish has to find out whom does this secret belong to.

First secret came out about dating a colleagues girlfriend and Shivashish answered Sreesanth which was right. Second secret was to guess who started abusing at the age of 4-5 and Deepak answered Urvashi which was right. Third secret was that someone had relationship with a celebrity and their current partner is not aware of it. Shivashish answered Jasleen and that was also right. Surabhi and Sreesanth got into verbal fight during the task.

Last secret for today came out about Karanvir which was answered correctly by Deepak. There are more secrets to come let’s wait and watch what happens in tomorrow’s episode.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 31 Updates

Day 30 continued in today’s episode. Housemates were seen convincing Sreesanth from not climbing the wall. He just do all this to get all eyeballs on him it seems to the many housemates. Bigg Boss later announced that time for treadmill walk is finished for the day and all housemates are supposed to stay out in their stable. All housemates were supplied with bed and blankets to be comfortable and sleep well.

Early morning Deepak was seen taking away one horse head of Deepika and hiding it in the washroom saying that this is his strategy to win the task.
Day 31 started with Romeo Naam Mera, Chori Hai Kaam Mera song indicating about the plans for the second day of the task. Deepika understood that Deepak was the one who has kept the cap somewhere and decided to wipe off his scoreboard.

Things got worse as Deepak also did the same and  Sreesanth was seen spitting on Deepak’s name which once again made  everyone against him. No one liked this behavior of his and started criticising him for such behavior. Surabhi says he does all this just to seek everyone’s attention. They also offended him saying that when he entered the house he was against Deepika and now he is again playing with her. It’s tough to understand him and his strategies. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 30 Updates

Day 29 continued and so Sreesanth’s way of convincing other housemates against Deepika. Sreesanth told all the housemates about how Deepika played against all though he has asked KV and Shivashish to behave normally with Deepika and not let her feel rejected. Anup told Saurabh and Jasleen that it looked very bad to see Saurabh massaging Jasleen. Though Jasleen clarifies her part saying that she considers him as her brother and has no wrong intentions.

Deepika later came to Sreesanth and they had discussion about her decision. Sreesanth behaved normally and told her that he did not like her attitude towards Shristy in the captaincy task on which Deepika defends herself and starts crying. While Sreesanth lies all the housemates that he was with his family after mid week eviction but he tells Shristy truth about his stay and told her that he will stand by her.

Day 30 started with one of the most famous rhymes Lakdi Ki Kathi and all housemates danced to the tune. Garden area was set up well with carts and treadmill. Housemates were sure that there would be some luxury budget task with the same.

Later Shristy reads out to all the housemates regarding luxury budget task which was named Ghoda Gadi task where housemates have to become Ghoda (Horse) to the cart attached to treadmill and Deepika and Deepak were the owner of the carts. Both were given 1000 carrots which they have to gift it to the horses after they walk certain time limit on the treadmill. Task started and everyone started bidding for time and carrot. Everyone started discussing whom they see as a captain. Though Saba and Shristy cannot be captain but in case if any of them gets high number of carrots they can choose a name for captaincy.

Where housemates are seen planning and plotting for the task, Sreesanth is seen not taking much interest in the task. He got into abusive fight with Romil and later tried to climb the wall of the house.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 29 Updates

Deepika is seen convincing housemates that Surabhi misunderstood about what she said regarding food. Though most of them did not agree with her.
Later Bigg Boss called all the housemates in the living area and announced that there would be no more Jodis and everyone is responsible for their own and play as single. He also called Jodis one by one in the activity area for the last time as Jodis where they are supposed to nominate one out of them.

Saba, Urvashi & Saurabh were nominated while Romil gave captaincy to Surabhi. Later out of singles KV, Jasleen and Shristy nominated themselves keeping Deepika safe which everyone regrets later as to why KV did not win that spot instead of Deepika.

Anup ji and Sreesanth entered into Bigg Boss house shocking all the housemates. Sreesanth lies to all the housemates that he was with his family all this time and watching them on Television while Anup Ji told about his stay in the secret room. They told everyone how Deepika is playing her game very well and none of them even have any clue about it.

Anup ji told Jasleen she was much conscious about her fashion than her image on screen. Deepika was shocked seeing Sreesanth and doesn’t speak a word to him. Let’s see how he takes his grudge out on Deepika tomorrow.