Fake Reviews: Bad For Both Consumers & Brands

In this Internet age, people tend to search online for reviews of products or services they are about to purchase or use in order to gain an insight of what the experience as a consumer would be. And while generally, consumers tend to post reviews only if things go bad, the bad reviews can be fake posted by a competitor business or a person who did not use the product or service at all. And then good reviews can also be fake to keep the online image of a brand clean.

Both good and bad fake reviews are harmful for both consumers and brands. For consumers, these fake reviews provide false sense of product and customer service of brand being good or bad and for brands, the bad fake reviews hurt the chance to get a new buyer/consumer. So as a consumer, while its your right to get a good product or service, its also your duty that:

  1. You should write reviews of everything for helping others.
  2. You should never write fake reviews.
  3. You should not write reviews for exchange of any incentive.
  4. You should report any fake review you come across.
  5. Encourage your friends and family to write only genuine reviews.

When a consumer write genuine reviews, it helps making consumer strong overall. At ReviewItIndia.com, we acknowledge the genuine reviewers by rewarding them with various review reward contests. And at the same time, we do not tolerate fake reviews. We allow anyone to report a fake review for investigation and if found fake, we will do any or all of the below:

  • Ban the user from ReviewitIndia.com
  • Ban the user device and IP from accessing ReviewItIndia.com
  • Strike out the review and report it as “Unverified/Fake”
  • While we are not responsible for any business loss (as per our T&C) for brands due to such reviews, we will help them pursue legal actions if they wish to do so by providing them the fake reviewer identifiable information for legal actions.

So its very important for you as a consumer to post only genuine reviews be it good or bad to avoid the above consequences and help us build a strong consumer community. Post genuine reviews often, we encourage it at ReviewItIndia.com and as explained above, reward our users for it with our review reward contests.