Go Green Initiative: Your Reviews Help Us Plant A Tree

With the global warming situation becoming worse every year, we should all do our bit to save the planet earth. With that goal in mind, ReviewItIndia.com launches “Go Green Initiative” that plants a tree when you write reviews. So by writing a review, you not only help others but you will also help mother nature.

How It Works?

For every 100 reviews published by registered users on ReviewItIndia.com, we will plant 1 tree in India or around the world where required with the help of One Tree Planted which is a non profit organization. You can read more about them by visiting www.onetreeplanted.org

One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted

What You Need To Do To Help?

Simply write reviews after registering on ReviewItIndia.com as a consumer. The more reviews you write, the earlier we will achieve our planting target. And not to mention, each of your review helps other consumers in India as well so its a win-win situation for both consumers and mother nature 🙂