Bigg Boss 12 Day 39 Updates

Karanveer is seen thinking and talking to himself about how he has been left by all his friends. Romil is seen consoling him that it’s tough to find real friends out here and they clear their misunderstandings with each other. Later Karanveer is seen discussing the same with Dipika and Shristy as how left out he is feeling. Later Deepika asks Sree to talk to him but he denies.

Day 39 begins with one of the most loved songs Chaiya Chaiya clearly mentioning that there is some task related to train. Surabhi reads out the captaincy race task sent by Bigg Boss in which Somi, Megha and Deepak will be seated in the train set up in the garden area until the task is over though there was a twist as other housemates can give them weird edible things so that they give up and Shivashish was elected as the moderator (sanchalak).

Housemates took their turn one by one and offered weirdest thing they can to get them out. Megha was given several sort of drinks and raw bitter gourd which she gulped down. Deepak was even good with the task. Though Somi could not handle it and got down from the train leaving the race between Megha and Deepak.

Let’s see who makes it and wins the captaincy title this week.