Bigg Boss 12 Day 43 Updates

Day 42 continued where Jasleen and Somi were seen upset of their loved ones leaving the house. Later Romil is seen teasing Deepak that he should not make him uncomfortable. Rohit and Shristy were seen talking about the same. Later Rohit tells Shristy that she is too young to get married. Late night Somi and Surabhi were seen discussing that they won’t let Deepika be in the limelight this week as well.

Day started with a song as usual to which all danced together. Surabhi was seen asking Deepak about his feelings towards Somi to which he feels shy. Later Bigg Boss announced nominations task to which he called contestants inside the confession room where they had to give two names whom they want to save. Nominated ones after the process were Megha, Rohit, Urvashi, Jasleen, Shristy, Karanveer and Dipika. Later Bigg Boss asked Deepak to vote one more contestant among the saved one apart from him as he is the captain to which he took Sreesanth’s name.

Later in the day, Surabhi asked Deepak to confess his feelings to Somi and he did so but Somi denied him as she just considers him as a good friend. Urvashi goes to Deepak and clarifies all misunderstandings between them. Later Bigg Boss asks the saved 4 contestants to rank all nominated contestants on how they think they stand for being most likely and least likely to be evicted from the house. Housemates after their consent agreed on 1)Sreesanth 2)KV 3) Deepika 4)Jasleen 5)Megha 6)Rohit 7) Shivashish 8)Shristy  and 9)Urvashi.

Jasleen did not agree with the rankings and said she should stand on no 1 as she stands for herself. She even gets into verbal argument with Deepak as he just shows his diplomacy. Later Karanveer asked Sree to come out as he wants to speak to him but Sree did not go to which Karanveer felt bad. Deepika went ahead and told Sree to clear misunderstandings between them as they all share good bond with each other to which Sree denies. Day ends with lots of twist and turns and let’s hope excitement continues tomorrow.