Bigg Boss 12 Day 45 Updates

Day started with the new guests and the same task which was left unfinished yesterday. Karanvir again blocked the gate and Romil was not able to take enough colors. Later no one allowed each other to make any rangoli and the round closed at 0-0. As the last round progressed Vikas approaches Sreesanth that being the member of Gupta family he must support them but he denied and as usual got into verbal spat with Vikas Gupta.

All housemates had to interfere and later Sree moved to Shinde family.  As the last round started everyone tried their best to make rangoli though other team did not let them. Sreesanth got into ugly fight with Karanvir while snatching rangoli colors from him. Things turned out ugly as he used wrong words for Deepika as well. Finally task did not end well and no one scored in this round as well.

Later Gupta family won the task and Shilpa-Vikas made their exit. After the task ended Sreesanth went ahead and started fighting with Karanvir and threatened him. Though housemates understood that this was Sree strategy to grab attention. Let’s see how things work ahead.