Bigg Boss 12 Day 46 Updates

After luxury budget task Bigg Boss asked the winning team to name two contestants from the winning team who will compete in the captaincy task. After talking to the team Sreesanth and Jasleen were selected for captaincy race. Deepak was seen stealing Appy fizz out of the fridge and hiding in the washroom when Bigg Boss interfered and asked Deepak to keep the keys back in the store room.

This week it was a fun task named as Bigg Boss Diwali Mela. Jasleen and Sreesanth each would be given 1,00,000 points which they will use to buy things to get votes from the contestants. In the first round, Saba Khan will be there to sell designer dress where Jasleen gives money to all the housemates so they can buy some dresses before Diwali.

In the second round, there would be a dance performance by exx Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Chaudhary for which Sreesanth has to buy tickets for the housemates and he fulfilled their wish, making everyone happy. Last round was the feast where celebrity chef Zorawar Kalra with his team came to serve the best food.

Contestants can get food from the live counter after giving reason for their support to the next captain and most of the housemates supported Sreesanth and Jasleen could manage only one vote. After such a wonderful food Sreesanth was declared as the next captain of the house. Karanvir too supported him in the last round of captaincy and Sreesanth went ahead and cleared all misunderstandings between them.

Let’s see who is selected for Kal Kothari Ki Saja tomorrow and how the new captain manages his captaincy.