Bigg Boss 12 Day 47 Updates

Day started with Badtameez Dil Song. Housemates were seen discussing about the Kal Kothari Ki Saja and they wanted to send Deepak and Megha to the kKal Kothari. Later Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to vote 3 names who they think are deserving for Kal Kothari Ki Saja. After discussion everyone agreed upon Rohit, Megha and Deepak.
Bigg Boss asked Sreesanth that with his special power he can swap one out of the three with any other housemate. Sreesanth saved Deepak and sent Karanvir instead to which everyone got upset. Dipika even argued with Sree as he did not support Karanvir and sent him to jail without his fault. Sree justified that he just wanted to be fair enough and majority votes were against Karanvir so he selected his name.
Later, Bigg Boss introduced a new task named Maybelline NewYork Queen in which Bigg Boss asked Somi, Jasleen and Shristy to compete against each other and they have to impress Rohit with their make up and chat with him that why they are better than other two. Rohit has to select one out of the three and the one who wins will be crowned and will dance on a romantic song with Rohit on stage.

Rohit after three rounds of discussions with each girl decided that Shristy is the winner and hence she wins the crown and dances on stage with Rohit on a romantic song. Later housemates discuss Rohit bias towards Shristy and that made Shristy uncomfortable as she is seen discussing this matter with Rohit in the bathroom area and later even breaks down discussing the same with Karanvir.

Let’s what happens in this weekend with Salman Khan. Keep reading the daily updates.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 46 Updates

After luxury budget task Bigg Boss asked the winning team to name two contestants from the winning team who will compete in the captaincy task. After talking to the team Sreesanth and Jasleen were selected for captaincy race. Deepak was seen stealing Appy fizz out of the fridge and hiding in the washroom when Bigg Boss interfered and asked Deepak to keep the keys back in the store room.

This week it was a fun task named as Bigg Boss Diwali Mela. Jasleen and Sreesanth each would be given 1,00,000 points which they will use to buy things to get votes from the contestants. In the first round, Saba Khan will be there to sell designer dress where Jasleen gives money to all the housemates so they can buy some dresses before Diwali.

In the second round, there would be a dance performance by exx Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Chaudhary for which Sreesanth has to buy tickets for the housemates and he fulfilled their wish, making everyone happy. Last round was the feast where celebrity chef Zorawar Kalra with his team came to serve the best food.

Contestants can get food from the live counter after giving reason for their support to the next captain and most of the housemates supported Sreesanth and Jasleen could manage only one vote. After such a wonderful food Sreesanth was declared as the next captain of the house. Karanvir too supported him in the last round of captaincy and Sreesanth went ahead and cleared all misunderstandings between them.

Let’s see who is selected for Kal Kothari Ki Saja tomorrow and how the new captain manages his captaincy.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 45 Updates

Day started with the new guests and the same task which was left unfinished yesterday. Karanvir again blocked the gate and Romil was not able to take enough colors. Later no one allowed each other to make any rangoli and the round closed at 0-0. As the last round progressed Vikas approaches Sreesanth that being the member of Gupta family he must support them but he denied and as usual got into verbal spat with Vikas Gupta.

All housemates had to interfere and later Sree moved to Shinde family.  As the last round started everyone tried their best to make rangoli though other team did not let them. Sreesanth got into ugly fight with Karanvir while snatching rangoli colors from him. Things turned out ugly as he used wrong words for Deepika as well. Finally task did not end well and no one scored in this round as well.

Later Gupta family won the task and Shilpa-Vikas made their exit. After the task ended Sreesanth went ahead and started fighting with Karanvir and threatened him. Though housemates understood that this was Sree strategy to grab attention. Let’s see how things work ahead.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 43 Updates

Day 42 continued where Jasleen and Somi were seen upset of their loved ones leaving the house. Later Romil is seen teasing Deepak that he should not make him uncomfortable. Rohit and Shristy were seen talking about the same. Later Rohit tells Shristy that she is too young to get married. Late night Somi and Surabhi were seen discussing that they won’t let Deepika be in the limelight this week as well.

Day started with a song as usual to which all danced together. Surabhi was seen asking Deepak about his feelings towards Somi to which he feels shy. Later Bigg Boss announced nominations task to which he called contestants inside the confession room where they had to give two names whom they want to save. Nominated ones after the process were Megha, Rohit, Urvashi, Jasleen, Shristy, Karanveer and Dipika. Later Bigg Boss asked Deepak to vote one more contestant among the saved one apart from him as he is the captain to which he took Sreesanth’s name.

Later in the day, Surabhi asked Deepak to confess his feelings to Somi and he did so but Somi denied him as she just considers him as a good friend. Urvashi goes to Deepak and clarifies all misunderstandings between them. Later Bigg Boss asks the saved 4 contestants to rank all nominated contestants on how they think they stand for being most likely and least likely to be evicted from the house. Housemates after their consent agreed on 1)Sreesanth 2)KV 3) Deepika 4)Jasleen 5)Megha 6)Rohit 7) Shivashish 8)Shristy  and 9)Urvashi.

Jasleen did not agree with the rankings and said she should stand on no 1 as she stands for herself. She even gets into verbal argument with Deepak as he just shows his diplomacy. Later Karanveer asked Sree to come out as he wants to speak to him but Sree did not go to which Karanveer felt bad. Deepika went ahead and told Sree to clear misunderstandings between them as they all share good bond with each other to which Sree denies. Day ends with lots of twist and turns and let’s hope excitement continues tomorrow.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 28th Oct 2018 Updates

Salman enters the house informing there was a Big Chef contest where Megha and Dipika competed with each other with their made food and all housemates had to taste and decide who is a better chef. When Deepika offered her food to Sreesanth he denied eating it though everyone else tasted. When Salman asked who cooks better all took Megha’s name though Salman said final decision lies with him and after tasting their food he also announced Megha as the winner.

Salman informed the housemates that according to an online survey most of the viewers want to see Karanveer and Deepak in the kitchen and Deepika doing the bathroom chores. Then appy fizz caller calls in and talks to Sreesanth and asks him why did he mix dishwasher which he wanted to give to Somi. All the housemates were shocked as they were unaware of it. Sreesanth clarifies saying he was just trying to scare her and would have never offered it to her to drink.

Later Salman called Anup Jalota out of the house saying he has been evicted this week. Then Salman tells Rohit that all girls were excited to see him in the house and asks him to sit on a love seat and asks him to select a girl with whom he wants to share his seat. He selects Shristy and sat with her. Meanwhile Salman noticed that Deepak stopped Somi from sitting beside Rohit to which Salman teased him along with other housemates.

Later Salman introduced an eggicting task where he told the conversations against any of the housemates and they had to guess who spoke such sentence and had to break an egg on their head. Task turned out to be very interesting as everyone took their chance. Later Happy club and Wolf pack goes to Sultani Akhada for Dangal where Wolf pack won the dangal. Finally Salman made the second eviction and eliminated Saba Khan out of the show to which Somi got upset and emotional. Let’s see what happens in the next week.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 27th Oct 2018 Updates

This week Salman is back with lots of entertainment and gave us a glimpse of the last week on how housemates broke up with each other. He also showed how Sree behaved in the jail with Deepak and insulted him as well. He was seen abusing him for no valid reason just out of his anger and frustration. Salman also informed that this week there will be double elimination and two will go home out of the nominated contestants.

Salman enters the house through Panasonic OLED TV and welcomes the wild card entry Megha and Rohit. Then Salman asks housemates to take one name for Khalnayak Khursi. Majority voted for Deepak while Salman chose Sreesanth and ask him to sit on Khalnayak Khursi. Salman asks Jasleen to tell what exactly Sree said to Deepak, she repeats exactly his words to which Salman gets angry and tells him that this not how he should treat someone as most of us has come up from poor family.

He also says that this show does not support any kind of discrimination in terms of caste, color, status or religion and he should maintain his dignity. He also told Deepika and Shivashish not to support Sree in his actions as to the audience it is going on a wrong way. Salman also tells Sree not to threaten anyone that he will teach them outside house. Salman being the host of the show never supported anyone in their wrong behavior irrespective of the fact who that person is.

After Salman takes a break Sreesanth moves to the washroom and cries inside while Jasleen and Deepak request him to come out. Salman comes back and tells Shivashish he was the worst Sanchalak ever in the Bigg Boss house and he did not play his part well in the captaincy task. Salman then asks Deepika why did they shift their captaincy preference to which Jasleen said that Deepika is insecure with Megha as she feel that Megha is taking control of kitchen. Though Deepika denies the fact while Megha agrees and all housemates laugh.

Salman then tells all the housemates that they are being trolled for making wrong comments on Rohit Suchanti’s after his entrance in the house. Then he showed various clips where Sreesanth, Shivashish, Jasleen, Karanveer and Shristy were seen discussing about him. Many made comments on his sexual preferences and his way of dressing up. When Salman goes for a break Rohit loses his cool and started shouting at Sreesanth and tells him to look after his son. Salman later comes and tells all the housemates to be in their limits and not to speak anything wrong about each other.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 40 Updates

Captaincy task is still on and housemates are trying their best to let one out. Jasleen gives 5 chillies to Deepak and he eats them all. Later Rohit offers sauce to Megha which she drinks and then Romil gives bitter gourd juice to Megha and she drinks it but later she starts feeling uneasy and her face turns red. Sree, Somi and Deepika ask her to quit but she doesn’t.

They even feel Megha is a much deserving captain than Deepak. Shristy advises Rohit that he should play for himself and just not follow anyone blindly. Megha plays a trick and tells Romil that she will quit the task if all agrees that they would never nominate her and support her for next captaincy task. Romil after discussing with others denied. And then she stepped down saying I just want to clear few things which are now very much clear. Bigg Boss announces Deepak as the new captain of the house.

Urvashi congratulates Megha as she really respect her for all her work in the task. Many seen discussing boycotting Deepak by not doing any work. Later Deepak discusses the same with Surabhi and tells her how Urvashi’s behaviour has completely changed. On the other hand Sree and Deepika are seen talking about Karanvir.

Early morning many housemates are discussing regarding not supporting Deepak captaincy and boycotting all work. Sree tells that for today only he will do the work but from tomorrow he won’t. Bigg Boss announces Kal Kothari to which he adds a twist that whoever three contestants first enter the confession room after the buzzer rings will get a chance to send 3 directly to Kal Kothari.

As the buzzer rang Saba, Shivashish and Rohit enters the room and gave Sree, Romil and Shivashish name for Kal Kothari Ki Saja. Later Bigg Boss asks Deepak to swap any one of them with the remaining one to which he saved Romil and sent Jasleen instead. This makes Sree angry and he started shouting that he won’t go inside the jail but later Shivashish and Jasleen request him to come so he finally agrees.

Sreesanth calls the Bigg Boss show as the worst one ever and is also seen angry with Deepak. Let’s see what happens tomorrow in the Weekend Ka Vaar when Salman takes charge of the house.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 39 Updates

Karanveer is seen thinking and talking to himself about how he has been left by all his friends. Romil is seen consoling him that it’s tough to find real friends out here and they clear their misunderstandings with each other. Later Karanveer is seen discussing the same with Dipika and Shristy as how left out he is feeling. Later Deepika asks Sree to talk to him but he denies.

Day 39 begins with one of the most loved songs Chaiya Chaiya clearly mentioning that there is some task related to train. Surabhi reads out the captaincy race task sent by Bigg Boss in which Somi, Megha and Deepak will be seated in the train set up in the garden area until the task is over though there was a twist as other housemates can give them weird edible things so that they give up and Shivashish was elected as the moderator (sanchalak).

Housemates took their turn one by one and offered weirdest thing they can to get them out. Megha was given several sort of drinks and raw bitter gourd which she gulped down. Deepak was even good with the task. Though Somi could not handle it and got down from the train leaving the race between Megha and Deepak.

Let’s see who makes it and wins the captaincy title this week.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 38 Updates

Day 37 continued and so on the fight between the housemates for getting into captaincy race. Shristy, Sreesanth, Urvashi and Deepika are seen discussing about Karanveer’s fault as Sanchalak in the task. Whereas in the garden area Rohit is seen expressing his interest in becoming the captain, he even discusses the same with Romil. They don’t want Megha Dhande to be in the captaincy race and they all later decide that first they will take out Anup Jalota and then Shristy Rhode.

Somi is seen telling Shristy that she noticed Deepak staring her which makes her feel uncomfortable. Day 38 begins with the song Bachke Rehna Re Baba to which all the housemates danced. Housemates are seen discussing the strategy for the task in their way. Urvashi seems to be upset with Megha’s performance as Sanchalak and doesn’t want to see her as captain.

Romil is seen advising Deepak and Rohit that they should take out all whoever supports Karanveer. Urvashi even states that she is not happy with Deepak as his behaviour has completely changed. Late afternoon Deepak tried to convince her that he is playing for her and he wants to see her as the captain. Deepak tells her that she must speak to everyone to support her if she wants to become the captain. Deepak even ask her to stay away from celebrities as they are not allowing her to show up her personality though she believes they support her. They got into verbal argument to which they throw sipper and break it later housemates intervene to sort out the matter.

Task begins and Rohit gets hold of the egg and breaks Anup’s doll. Shristy tells him you did what was expected, you could have changed the entire game to which everyone decides they will now play on their own. Again Rohit gets the egg and this time he throws Somi out of the game to which she gets angry and starts crying.

Later Deepak gets the egg and destroys Shristy’s idol even though she told him that she is playing for Urvashi. Deepak again gets hold of egg and destroys Rohit’s doll getting him out of the race. Later Surabhi and Karanveer gets into verbal fight over the task as Karanveer has no one supporting him in the task and he doesn’t have a single egg.

Surabhi gets the next egg and takes Deepak cut out to destroy but later changes and destroys Urvashi’s. Shristy tells Urvashi that Deepak cheated her and he was never supporting her. Megha is seen telling Karanveer that how his teammates have left him and he is all alone. It is quiet visible from his face that he is very upset for no one supporting him. When Megha goes inside Karanveer steals her egg to which Saba and Deepak try to take it back.
Later Deepak gets the egg and destroys Surabhi’s doll as she asks him to do so.

Then Somi, Surabhi, Romil and Deepak along with Karanveer gave a group hug to each other and task ended with Megha, Somi and Deepak in the captaincy race. Karanveer is really upset with his teammates attitude and let’s see how he handles it.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 37 Updates

As the week progresses so the does the Bigg Boss drama where contestants are still angry over nominations. Wild card entries are making their place among them. While housemates are scared with two new wild card entries Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for this week. This task was named as BB poultry farm and it will also impact the next week nominations process.

Megha and Karanveer will be shopkeepers and they will also be competing against each other. As soon as hen lays an egg rest all of the contestants have to fight for it and get it in their hands and later they will give it to the shopkeeper and in return would ask them for effigy of other contestants whom they want to get evicted. Shopkeepers holding the highest number of eggs would be in the captaincy race.

Shivashish gets hold of the first egg and trade it with Karanveer to get Romil’s effigy destroyed. Romil and Shivashish get out of the task. Later Saba gets hold of another egg to which Deepika and Surabhi tries to get hold of and unintentionally Surabhi falls down. After the fight Megha and Karanveer disqualify both of them but BB interferes and ask to get them back in game as they have no rights to disqualify anyone.

Later Deepak gets another egg and gives it to Megha to get Sreesanth’s effigy destroyed. He again gets another egg but gives it to Surabhi who trades it with Karanveer and ask him to destroy Jasleen’s doll.

Karanveer doesn’t want to be in the captaincy race and wants Urvashi to be the next captain and discusses the same with Deepak asking him to support him. While few housemates gets upset, Urvashi said she will play her own game and needs no help. Most of the housemates think Karanveer is playing safe and portraying his image by making sacrifice for Urvashi.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow and who makes up to the captaincy race. Stay tuned and keep reading our blog for more updates.