Brand Rewards – Encouraging Consumers To Write Reviews

As a brand or a business owner, sometimes its hard to pursue your existing customers, especially the satisfied customers to write reviews for you. Here at we understand that and run various review reward contests to reward our users for writing genuine reviews. Now to encourage them to write reviews for a particular brand, we have introduced brand rewards.

Brand rewards are nothing but something for users to cherish for after writing a genuine review for your brand. These rewards can be anything from gift cards to free product samples or simply some discount code for future use. However if reward is more lucrative then there are more chances of your customers posting reviews so make it something useful.

For consumers, its very easy to claim brand rewards and exciting to get something in return for their valuable time. You or we will give them a reward code or an offer link that will show the reward code on your brand review page. They log in to as a consumer, post their review for you and enter the reward code while posting the review. If the reward code is valid and active and successfully applied, system shows them the success message along with information on how to claim the reward.

We work closely with brands to help them achieve greater online reputation and more business. For a limited period of time, we will be posting brand rewards for your customers for select brands. To see if you we can work with you to promote your brand review page with brand rewards, please create your brand account today on or contact for details.