Get Social Campaign By ReviewItIndia

******* RELAUNCH 31st Mar 2020 *****

Social media has a massive reach in India. So whenever you do a written review or video review of anything on social media, it could potentially reach the masses as well as the brands associated with your reviews very easily. But the social media is mostly flooded with bad reviews only and while we support both bad and good reviews, we encourage consumers to write good reviews as well because if something is good, it probably needs more publicity so that more and more consumers can get benefit of the good thing as well.

In order to achieve that goal, ReviewItIndia is launching Get Social campaign on major social media platforms, namely – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. We will be rewarding users of these four platforms for doing original honest reviews on their social media accounts. So if you use any of the above four social media platforms, you can do a review in writing or by video of anything in India, that is, movies, products, shopping, websites, restaurants, doctors, hospitals, apps, beauty products, services & even places so you can do a review on basically anything in India. And once you write/post a review, just add a hash tag #ReviewItIndia so that we can get to it.

The best reviews selected by our social media team will be getting Amazon Gift Cards worth anything between ₹25-₹250 (Also Share Your Username In Your Review Posts To Get Double Value Gift Cards!). We will be announcing winners on social media post of yours if you do not disable the comments on it. Once your social media review post is declared winner by our official handle in that platform, you need to contact us to claim your Amazon Gift Card.

GET CREATIVE, SPEAK UP, VOICE YOUR VIEWS TODAY & GET REWARDED FOR IT! Start posting reviews today with #ReviewItIndia

Now some rules, very simple yet required.

The only rules are:

  • You need to use #ReviewItIndia in your social media post so we can get to it
  • Post an honest & true review without any influence
  • Your social media account should be public & should not be posting anything related to prohibited topics*
  • Contact us to claim your gift card after your social media review post is declared winner on your post comments by our official social media account handles (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter today)
  • We will be asking you to post a winner message on your social media account to confirm you are the owner of the social media account


Additional Terms of Campaign:

Date and time of  close of this campaign end if any will be announced on this page. Any reviews submitted after that time (end date & time) with #ReviewItIndia will not be eligible for the reward (gift cards). Unless your social media review post is declared winner in comments by our official social media account handle and then you contact us to claim your gift card, you will not get any reward. We will send all the winner gift cards to the winner email IDs within one month of contacting us.

We, at any time, can modify the terms of this campaign or end it. In every matter related to the campaign, the decision of staff shall be deemed final and no further appeals can be made anywhere. Please read full campaign terms and conditions which you agree to if you are participating in this campaign. Also, all the website terms and conditions are also applicable for the campaign and if you breach any of the conditions (campaign or website), you will be ineligible for any prize or reward.