Tips For Safe & Best Online Shopping Experience

With more and more people getting access to Internet, its no surprise that online sales are on an all time high. There are literally thousands of sites selling almost everything you need online and while its a great thing to order from home and getting delivered your products at home, it has its negatives as well.

Mostly consumers fall for cheap prices and thereafter they get duplicate or damaged products and that too after waiting for over a month and sometimes 2 months. Another drawback of online shopping is that you do no get to see the product until its delivered to you which makes it even more important to know from where you are shopping and what experience other consumers have from that shopping site because otherwise you have no idea whatsoever about the kind of experience you will get shopping with that site. And then, how safe is your financial details when you do online shopping? This is one question which every consumer have when they decide to buy something online.

The below tips will help you get the best products online without falling for any scams or frauds.

1. Always buy from trusted sites. By trusted it does not mean you have to know who the owner of the company and where they are located etc. By trusted here we mean you need to search for other people experiences of using the site. If its mostly good (there are negative reviews of almost everything out there) then it should be good for you too.

2. If you are unsure about the quality of product you are buying from a site then select cash on delivery option for the first time. Once you have purchase once or couple of times from that site and have received good products, you can pay them online from next time.

3. If the site you are buying from offer to use WALLET PAYMENT services, be sure to use that because in case of any disputes, you will be able to get your money back from these WALLET companies rather than arguing with the site customer service.

4. Never ever fall for TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE sites. If a site is offering a product at a cost which seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE then 99% of times it will come up with its own disadvantages. Either you will get cheap quality products with no value for money or delayed/damaged delivery of products and sometimes, the order would be cancelled after a month. So its better to do your due dilegence before ordering anything online if you feel its too good to be true.

5. Always check for return policy of a site and product you are ordering. Many a times, you will get a good deal however, it won’t be refundable in any case which means if you get a product which is say all good but still not as per your expecations (like size or something else), you would have no option to return or replace it. So its better to pay a bit more where you get an option for hassle free returns and replacements.

6. Make safe online payments. Always see if a site is offering a GREEN ADDRESS bar when you are about to pay for a product. This means the site is using SSL certificate which will safegaurd your information by encrypting for transmission. If you use credit cards or debit cards, be sure to check you are entering OTP or 3D Secure Passwords on an URL (webpage) by VISA or MasterCard or your bank. And if you’re paying with NET BANKING, make sure to check the domain name before you enter your NET BANKING log in credentials to make sure its actually your bank website where you are logging in and not somewhere else. And if there is any doubt whatsoever, select cash on delivery.

Following above points, you can have safe and happy shopping experience. To make it happier, be sure to review it on where you can review almost everything you do or use to help others and make money for life with your reviews plus win prizes with our review reward contests.

How To Buy Brand New Products At Second Hand Prices

As a consumer, we all love to bargain. And shopping online allows you to get already bargained price on branded items which you can never do on an offline brick and mortar store/shop.

There are many e-commerce sites already in India and more and more niche (category based) ecommerce sites are coming up every day giving us Indian consumers a lot of options. These sites offer quality products at discounted pricing to capture the market share and that is where, we as a consumer benefit. We can get up to 50% discount on brand new products!

To make sure you are able to get the best price for products you purchase online, you should:

1. Search for the same product on multiple ecommerce sites to find out which one is offering the best price and service for the money you pay them.

2. If your purchase is not urgent, wait for “SALE” period. Every 3 months you will notice one or other ecommerce sites orgranizing site wide sales and if you purchase in this period, you are able to get not only discount on the products you purchase but also cashback from your banks.

3. Search for reviews of the product you’re about to purchase. Sometimes doing this, you will notice products of a different brand offering more value for your money and not to mention, reading reviews will save you from buying products that has known faults or limitations which you may not know.

4. Search for the coupons of sites from where you’re ordering. Most of the times, you will end up saving some more money using coupons which you can easily get by searching online.

5. Also various WALLET services offer their own cashbacks on purchase from sites under their own sale terms. Make sure you search for each of the wallet an ecommerce site is offering for such offers and pay using that only to save your money.

So following the above 5 points, we are sure you are going to get brand new products at second hand prices. Save more money by writing reviews of your purchases! With a FREE consumer account at, you can make money for life with your review plus win prizes with our review reward contests. Post your reviews now.