Referral Contest (Launch Exclusive)


What Is The Contest?
This is a launch exclusive contest run by where if you refer one or more active users known as active referrals (anyone that clicks on your referral link, joins as consumer and post a review which gets published will be counted as an active referral), you are eligible for the contest prize & referral prize.

How Are The Winners Decided?

1. Referral Prize Winners:
Everyone who has an active referral inside his/her account with referral “date & time added” up to contest end date & time is eligible for the referral prize.

2. Contest Prize Winners:

The referral partners who refer at least 25 active users to up to contest end date & time will win the 3 referral contest prizes. The 3 referral contest winning partners will be randomly selected by staff after 31st Oct 2018 and then order of those 3 will be decided with first having most number of referrals and third having the least number of referrals among the 3 lucky winners.

Who Can Participate?
All citizens of India (where allowed by law) with a valid ID proof are eligible except all staff along with their family members and associates of who are barred from participating in this contest.

How To Participate?
It’s very simple. Log in to your account (sign up FREE if you haven’t already) and then visit “Refer & Earn” link from the members menu. There you will get your referral link, share it with your friends or on your social media accounts or blogs, websites or wherever you can. Once someone clicks on your link and joins as consumer for FREE, it will count as your referral and will show in your account. As soon as your referral posts one review which is published, the referral will become active and will show as such inside your account. You enter this contest with active referrals inside your account. Every active referral gets you the referral prize (up to INR 25 Amazon Gift Card as per referral prize condition) and if you manage to refer just 25 active referrals, you will enter the referral contest where after 31 Oct 2018, our staff will randomly select 3 users for the top 3 prizes. Remember your referral date and time of joining must be before the contest end date and time.

Last Date:
This contest runs up to 11:59:59 PM on 31st Oct 2018 OR up to whenever we get 1000 referral account registrations (whichever is earlier), we will announce the end of contest here with exact date & time. If you get any referral after the contest ends, it won’t be counted towards this contest prize winners so do check this page often for announcements or subscribe to our blog newsletter for daily updates or to our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) for instant updates.

Total Winners: 3 Contest Winners & 1000 Referral Prizes (Amazon Gift Cards)


Referral prize is Up To INR 25 Amazon Gift Card per active referral. The exact amount you get depends on the below conditions.

  • You refer between 1-25 users, you get Rs.5 Amazon Gift Card per referral
  • You refer between 25-50 users, you get Rs.10 Amazon Gift Card per referral
  • You refer between 50-75 users, you get Rs.20 Amazon Gift Card per referral
  • You refer above 75 users, you get Rs.25 Amazon Gift Card per referral

So the more you refer, the more you get. And that is not all, apart from this prize, you also become eligible for the top 3 contest prize below if you refer just 25 active users. And lastly, do not forget that every person you refer can help you make money for life with the reviews they write. To know more about this feature, click here.

Contest prize is for 3 lucky referral partners who have referred at least 25 active users to

The prizes for the top 3 places (3 lucky winners top 3 order will be decided with first having most number of referrals among 3 winners) are below:

September Referral Contest Winner Prize
Referral Contest Winner Prize Chart

First Prize:
INR  5000 Taj Hotel & Resort Gift Card Which Can Be Used To Book Taj Hotel & Resort Stays Around India

Second Prize:
INR 2500 Croma Gift Card Which Be Used To Purchase Anything From Croma Store OR Website

Third Prize:
INR 1000 Big Basket Gift Card Which Be Used To Credit The BigBasket Wallet For Rs.1000 & Then Use It For Shopping

How Do I Get My Prize?

Referral Prize: Once you have an active referral in your account with “date & time added” up to the date and time of when the contest ends, you can contact us after the last date of contest (31 Oct 2018) to get your Amazon Gift card. Every active referral will get you up to INR 25 as explained above in Referral Prize section so if you have 10 active referrals, you will get INR 50 Amazon Gift Card and if you have 30 active referrals, you will get INR 300 Amazon Gift Card and if you have 100 referrals, you will get Rs.2500 Amazon Gift Card and so on as per the referral prize condition above. Minimum 2 active referrals are needed to claim the prize as Amazon gift card value cannot be less than INR 10.

Contest Prize: We will announce the top 3 referral partners on this page only. Once you see your username on this page as one of the top 3 lucky winner, please contact us.

Once you contact us for either referral prize or contest prize, we will get back to you (after verifying your referrals and confirming your prize amount) with the options of ID proof you can share to claim your prize (if verification is needed though if you have an active online presence as well as complete profile, the verification is not needed mostly). Once we have the proof or the ID proof which confirms you are a citizen of India, we will email you the gift card. Also please note that to claim your prize, you also need to follow on either Twitter OR Facebook so we can share news about our winners.

Additional Terms of Contest:

We, at any time, can modify the terms of contest or end it. In every matter related to the contest, the decision of staff shall be deemed final and no further appeals can be made anywhere. Please read full contest terms and conditions along with referral program terms and conditions which you agree to if you are participating in this contest. Also, all the website terms and conditions are also applicable for the contest and if you breach any of the conditions (contest, referral or website), you will be ineligible for any prize.


Unfortunately no one fulfilled the conditions for the contest prize. For referral prize, please contact us if you have active referrals in your account as per the conditions above and you shall get you prize after verification of referrals within a month.