Know Your Consumer Rights In India

Most of the Indian consumers are still unaware of their basic consumer rights. Knowing your rights can help you save money as well as get compensation in case some dispute between you and seller occurs. With so much competetion nowadays between sellers, its important for a consumer to know his rights. So we will quickly tell you what your consumer rights are and how it can help you.

1. Right To Choose
You have the right to choose products and services of different varities and competitive prices. No one can force you to buy anything. Additionally, you can also bargain on MRPs as maximum retail price is the maximum limit of price a retailer can charge but it can be sold for way less than that as well.

2. Right To Safety

You as a consumer has the right to be protected against products and services which can harm your life and/or property. Simply it means, no one can sell harmful products and services to you and if you have even a bit of doubt about it, you have the right to know more and remain safe.

3. Right To Information

You have the right to know about a product or service. Everything you buy should be well described to you. If you find an item where the labels do not properly describe what’s it in there or what it does or what its side-effects can be, you have the right to find out more about it.

4. Right To Be Heard
For products or services you have purchased, you have the right to be heard by companies (sellers). You have the right to express your views about it and provide ways to improve the product or service.

5. Right To Redressal
You can file your complains at the consumer courts for redressal of your disputes. If you have ever been cheated or found it that your consumer rights are violated in any way, we urge you to use this right and file a consumer court case.

6. Right To Consumer Education
You have the right to know about every bit of information that can help you make safe and good purchases.

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