Is Ola Better Than Uber?

We get this question a lot of time from a lot of cab users. Is an Ola cab better than an Uber cab? Before we answer that question let us first tell you about Ola Cabs. Ola cabs is an online software application based on GPS that allows anyone looking for rides (known as riders) to connect with cab drivers. Uber is based on the same principle. So while both Uber & OLA are the same type of companies, there are some functional differences which makes Uber better than OLA for some people and vice versa.

Uber Payment System Is Better Than The OLA Cabs

Drivers of OLA cabs complain that the online payments which riders pay using OLA Money or OLA postpaid takes a lot of time and effort to get to their own bank accounts. Whereas with Uber, the online payment comes quickly and seamlessly to their bank accounts and hence you will find reports of riders (cab users) of OLA cabs complaining about drivers declining rides where they are to be paid using online methods such as cards, OLA money or OLA postpaid. This issue is very less with Uber cabs.

Uber Is A Global Company Whereas OLA Started In India

Uber is a multinational company whereas OLA cabs started its services in India and has expanded to few more countries in recent times. As such the processes and functional procedures of Uber are better as compared to OLA cabs because they cater to a larger market and know the issues of different locations and cultures. 

The Price & Payment System Of Uber Is Better Than OLA Cabs

Riders of Uber when comparing the price of cabs with OLA cabs for the same route, same time and same distance rides, get a better price with Uber. Also card payments with Uber are easy and after every ride. You can also pay with PayTM but you need to add balance before the ride.

Car Quality Is Similar In Both Uber & OLA Cabs

The Quality and standard of cabs and their drivers are almost similar in both companies because most of the drivers attach their cabs to both companies to generate better business for their cars.


Overall, as per riders, Uber seems a bit better as compared to OLA cabs. How was your experience with OLA Cabs & Uber? Write an OLA Cabs review or Uber review today on to help other consumers in India and also earn reward points everyday which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards anytime. Write a review today.

Uber OR OLA Driver Refused To Come? To Be Fined Rs.25000!

If you have ever used the app based cab services in India like Uber or OLA, you must have experienced the flexibility and ease of requesting a ride when ready and a car comes at your doorstep to pick you up. Now many of its users also rely on it for time critical drops, that is, drop to a railway station, airport, doctor appointment, meeting, etc.

And for such time critical rides, you book Uber and Ola beforehand or even if not, when you request a ride at odd hours and then an assigned driver refuses to come, it causes a lot of issues. You can miss your meeting or flight causing you delay in your work or visit and also monetary  loss. So for in such cases up until now, Uber and Ola refused to acknowledge their involvement in cases like this and offered just apology if anything.

Now that is going to become a past soon. Delhi government (and hopefully all states government later on) are planning to fine Rs.25,000 every time a driver of their app based service refuses to come! As per a report in Times of India (source below), the cab aggregators will have to take responsibility of actions of their driver partners.

Its a welcome move and we hope this step will help Indian consumers of these app based cab services ride hassle free.

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