What To Do If You Fall Into A Scam

Its very easy to fall into scams if you are new to the Internet world. There are people who will SMS you for jackpots saying they’re from a far away country and as you have won millions in a lottery you will need to pay the cross border fees to get that but in actual they might be from your neighbourhood only and they’re only interested to get money from you.

With Internet, its easy to send SMS and even call without getting tracked if the server of that call/sms is located in some remote country. And then there are known phising scams where it will seem you are filling your presonal info into genuine websites but actually these websites are only phising nets collecting your personal info and then using it to scam you out of your money in one way or another.

If you fall into anything you feel like its a scam, doing below can help you minimize your losses as well as help others around the world.

1. Confirm if its actually a scam by searching it online. If its a scam, someone would have definitely posted about it. And if its a scam and its not on the Internet, be sure to post it on scam report websites so that other people become aware and can avoid that scam.

2. Immediately upon realzing its a scam, stop all communications with the fraudster and report it to appropriate authority if needed.

3. If you have given your bank details or card details, make sure you get your card blocked asap and get a new one. Please change all your email and net banking passwords as well.

4. Delete all the files or data you may have from this scam on your PC or phone which might be stealing your personal info. If you have got any physical item, make sure to discard it as well.

5. If you have done anything as per the fraudster instructions then unfortunately you have become its part, immediately report it to the nearlest police station.

By doing above, you can minimize your losses of falling into scam. Always search the Internet to find if anything is scam or not before falling for it. It can save you loads of headaches. And if you have any products or services you ever used and faced issues, please make others aware of it by posting a review on ReviewItIndia.com and make money for life with your reviews plus win prizes with our review reward contests.