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Fitness First Review Delhi (Saket)

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Sep 18, 2018 5:27 pm

Fitness First Gym Saket is situated in the select city walk mall on the fifth floor. I was a member of fitness first Saket for almost a year. The facilities provided at the club are exceptional and excellent as well. There are variety of machines which makes your cardio interesting and also good for different muscle group. They have a good number of trainers and also has a different area for various exercises.

If you want to get some personal attention you need to hire a personal trainer (pretty expensive). Though floor trainers are always there to help you. You have private changing room, dressing room, sauna, steam bath and shower facilities as well. They do have a members lounge and refreshment area where you can have free tea and coffee and rest you can buy (all healthy options). They also have different sort of group classes from zumba, yoga, spinning and many more. Trainers are great and they really take great sessions and you would really enjoy training with them.

Now the membership fees is pretty expensive as a gym but if you look at the club you would believe its worth it. I was a member a year ago and the monthly charges were around 8k and for personal trainers you have to pay separately. You can have access to all other services in membership fees only. So people who really have good knowledge on exercise and really doesn’t need much assistance can do it on their own and can also take the benefits of group classes. Best time to go to club is either in the morning or during afternoon hours because over here members count is pretty high and you won’t get  enough time and place to exercise. 

So would surely recommend this fitness first gym to all those fitness freaks out there.

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