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LG K10 Mobile

Posted By: Anonymous Category: Electronics & Appliances
Review Page: LG India Reviews
Sep 28, 2018 12:12 am

Model - LG K10

Year of purchase - 2016

Month - May

Price -15000

Store - Croma

Sales person sold us this mobile saying it has a gorilla glass screen so it won’t break even when dropped. He even said that no need put tampered glass on the screen as it is not required. Within 6 months of purchase my 1 year old daughter dropped it and the screen broke into pieces. Called customer care service of LG and they asked for charge as it was a customer induced damage. Elaborated the whole scenario and what salesman told us while selling it but they did not listen and said you have to pay for the service. I could have got tampered glass atleast screen could have saved and what about the customer service. One of your retailer is selling the product with fake promises and you don’t understand the problem even when it is just few months old. All hopes gone down with LG would never recommend to anyone at least for mobiles.

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