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Posted By: Prajapati987 Category: Mobile & Internet Service Providers
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Mar 04, 2020 7:08 am

I am getting worst experience with Airtel. I was an Airtel user before two years. Than not satisfied with Airtel services so moved to Vodafone and was user of Vodafone from last two years. Than I have ported my number from Vodafone prepaid to Airtel postpaid. Your agent said that everything fine and number will be ported. I have asked four times that there should be no problem. My number should be activated. Cause it impacts my work. 

I am manager in Hindustan Times. Than my number ported to Airtel on 9 Jan 2014. That activated and again deactivated on 10 Jan morning. Than first i call to customer care :

1. Called to customer care they said number was suspended due to wrong verification. Nobody came to my house for verification or even nobody called me that he wants to do verification so how they said two times wrong verification. Or if that happened than why they ported i was on vodafone already.  So no solution there they said anybody can take my number.

2. Sent an email to 121 and nodel office no good response from 121 i think they don’t know anything they said same but no solution for me. received a call from model office from some “Uma” she said that will be resolved visit any Airtel store and resubmit the docs that will be activated in 24 hours.

3. I left my office in mid and canceled a meeting and went to Airtel store At “sector 14, Gurgaon” there is a lady who rejected to accept the docs. Than i tried many times to call model office but they didn’t respond. 

4. Than i go to next store at gurgaon station road. They also declined for the docs. Than they suggested to take prepaid of that number otherwise that will allot to any other person. So there were no way so i applied for that. again received a call from model office they took both sim numbers. and said that will be activated. On more warning given by them don’t send mail again before three days.

5. They allotted me a complain number too “54597646” recently i have checked they marked it as closed but my number still not working you can also check. I have screen shots also.

6. On 11 jan morning my friend received a call for the verification than they said verification done. In evening i called to customer care they said number is activated. still my sim not worked. I waited again.

7. 12 Jan morning my friend received a call that my Postpaid connection activated. Now i have two sim one for postpaid and one for prepaid according to them both are activated but nothing is working here.

8. Than i called to customer care again now they are saying no record for prepaid and postpaid still showing verification rejected again i am the stage of 10 Jan. One customer care executive suggested boss wait for some time after 8 days that number will available in the market you can get from there.

So don’t know what should i do. You can try to dial my number “95*****613” It’s saying please check your dialled number strange naa. You have made my 3 year old number to hell. Nobody can contact me no calls much loss. No solutions from anywhere. Don’t know why i decided to move to Airtel. That was the worst experience with any brand in my life. You do silent billing and everything all knows but please give them basic services at least. You can imagine my situation my phone is not working from last three days and i am out of town too from some work. Is that revolution in india.

One more thing please don’t say any word like that in mail or call to me “asuvidha ke li shame chaste ki aapko taklif hui” ya “jaankaari ke liye dhanyawad”. Cause now enough. Thinking to change my number cause there is no chance to get back i think so in existing Airtel system

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