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Mi Tv 4a

Posted By: Prajapati987 Category: Electronics & Appliances
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Mar 26, 2020 5:51 am

Product - Mi TV 43 inch 4A smart tv. (Flipkart purchase)
After using 1 week review - Worth the Money. Excellent product. 
I have been using this product for 1 week now.

The product was delivered late. (5 days after ordering) But packaging was good enough. The installation was done on the same day, thankfully. 
For ease of review I will rate it on various parameters out of 5.

- Display quality - 4/5
- Price range - 5/5
- User-friendliness - 4/5
- Build quality - 4/5 
- Sound quality - 3/5
- Processor - 3/5
- Smart features - 3.5/5

Areas of improvement:
- Lesser internal storage (8 GB, and some 3.5 GB usable!)
- Processor doesn't take much load, Mira casting hangs now and then! Multitasking is not so feasible
- The pendrive slots are way behind TV, so if you wall mount, Its a task to put your hand in and plug-in the USB
- Speakers could be better quality and better placed in the TV, the woofer effect is very dull.

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