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Posted By: Prajapati987 Category: Mobile & Internet Service Providers
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Mar 26, 2020 6:08 am

Currently I am experiencing a bad service with Vodafone.

I had a Vodafone Postpaid service 10 months back. One and half month back I have converted it to prepaid in a Vodafone Store by submitting prepaid application along with required ID/address proof and photograph. Thank you. I continued using prepaid and I did few recharges too.

Suddenly since 4 days I was getting SMS from vodafone saying that, documents submitted are not as per DOT norms and suggesting to resubmit. I have submitted true copy of voter id, photograph, prepaid form again in vodafone store on 26th Feb, 2019.

Yesterday as again I was receiving the same SMS , I have reported to Vodafone customer care through email. I have got a call from Vodafone executive today and she has told me to ignore the SMS and everything is fine with my mobile number. I have got the same through email too.

Surprisingly, a couple of hours after this email and phone conversation with Vodafone care, my SIM got deactivated. I tried to talk to Vodafone customer care from another phone, they say it is not prepaid and it is postpaid and it is inactive.

I really got frustrated with this. Vodafone customer care people even could not answer properly what is happening why it is happening. Simply they say they can not any details of the number. I thought the employees might be juniors so I requested them to connect to a senior executive or manager. They said they are not available at that moment and suggested me to call again.

So it is good to not buy it.

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