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Do not purchase anything from

Posted By: Anonymous Category: Software & Services
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Apr 26, 2020 3:35 pm

Don't purchase anything from This is a scam and they are "selling already redeemed products keys". Hence beware. I had purchased Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 for Rs. 4999/-. 

They mailed me the product key and when i entered it I got message that "Product Key has already been activated the maximum number of times permitted for your software license as specified in the Microsoft Software License Terms."

After writing mail to them they asked to me install "AnyDesk" and give them remote access to check to which I denied. After that they shared another product key (not surprising - it was also having the same problem).

I am sure I got trapped into this scam as I did not check their review on internet. Also when I checked in WhoIs site to get more details of the company it did not have any details which clearly shows that this website (SoftwareKeys.Store) is not involved in legitimate business.


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