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ReviewItIndia's Review Of The Month Contest


What Is The Contest?

This is a limited period exclusive contest by where if you join and post at least 1 review during the contest period which gets published on and fulfills the below criteria, your review is eligible to become review of the month and win the monthly declared prize.

Review Criteria For Winning:

Your review(s) are eligible for getting review of the month prize if it fulfills each of the below conditions.

a) Consist of at least 100 words and is not posted on some other review website
b) You have proof that your review is true
c) Your review is posted during offer period, starting 1st Nov 2019 at 00:00:00 Friday & ending 30th Nov 2019 at 23:59:59 Saturday

How Is The Winning Review Decided?

Every review posted that fulfills the above criteria will be eligible to win review of the month prize. Our staff will shortlist some reviews and then one of our editors will decide the winning review on 1st Dec 2019 and declare on this page first.

Who Can Participate?

All citizens of India (where allowed by law) with a valid ID proof are eligible except all staff along with their family members and associates of who are barred from participating in this contest.

Total Winners: 1


Prize is A Redmi Y3 Smartphone (3GB RAM, 32GB Storage).
An Amazon gift card with value same as the prize value on on the day of prize announcement will be provided as prize.

Previous Winners:

First Winner: Kartik C. (username: warrior) won an Amazon Echo Dot on 31st Oct 2019 for this Swiggy review for contest dates 24th Oct - 30th Oct 2019.
Second Winner: Akshay K. (username: akuser) won a Redmi Y3 Smartphone on 1st Dec 2019 for this Indigo Airlines review for contest dates 1st Nov - 30th Nov 2019.

How Do I Get My Prize?

You need to sign up as consumer on, post at least 1 or more reviews fulfilling the above criteria before the offer ends and keep an eye on this page or on our social media channels to see if your review is declared winner of this contest. If declared winner, you need to contact our support to get your prize value Amazon gift card which you can use to order the gift from directly for you.

Please note that before sending you the prize value Amazon gift card, we may ask you to share one of the options of ID proof to claim your prize (if verification is needed though if you have an active online presence as well as complete profile, the verification is not needed mostly). Once we have the proof or the ID proof which confirms you are a citizen of India and not associated to our staff in any way, we will email you the gift card within one month.

Additional Terms of Contests & Offers:

Date and time of the contest are declared above. Any reviews submitted after that time (contest end date & time) for prize claim will not be eligible for the prize. Unless you can get your reviews published on for any category or page and then contact us after noticing that your review has won, you will not get any prize. We will send all the winning gift prize value Amazon Gift Card to the registered email IDs of the users within one month of contacting us.

We, at any time, can modify the terms of contest/offer or end it. In every matter related to the contest/offer, the decision of staff shall be deemed final and no further appeals can be made anywhere. Please read full contest terms and conditions which you agree to if you are participating in this contest. Also, all the website terms and conditions are also applicable for the contest and if you breach any of the conditions (contest or website), you will be ineligible for any prize.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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