Bigg Boss 12 Day 40 Updates

Captaincy task is still on and housemates are trying their best to let one out. Jasleen gives 5 chillies to Deepak and he eats them all. Later Rohit offers sauce to Megha which she drinks and then Romil gives bitter gourd juice to Megha and she drinks it but later she starts feeling uneasy and her face turns red. Sree, Somi and Deepika ask her to quit but she doesn’t.

They even feel Megha is a much deserving captain than Deepak. Shristy advises Rohit that he should play for himself and just not follow anyone blindly. Megha plays a trick and tells Romil that she will quit the task if all agrees that they would never nominate her and support her for next captaincy task. Romil after discussing with others denied. And then she stepped down saying I just want to clear few things which are now very much clear. Bigg Boss announces Deepak as the new captain of the house.

Urvashi congratulates Megha as she really respect her for all her work in the task. Many seen discussing boycotting Deepak by not doing any work. Later Deepak discusses the same with Surabhi and tells her how Urvashi’s behaviour has completely changed. On the other hand Sree and Deepika are seen talking about Karanvir.

Early morning many housemates are discussing regarding not supporting Deepak captaincy and boycotting all work. Sree tells that for today only he will do the work but from tomorrow he won’t. Bigg Boss announces Kal Kothari to which he adds a twist that whoever three contestants first enter the confession room after the buzzer rings will get a chance to send 3 directly to Kal Kothari.

As the buzzer rang Saba, Shivashish and Rohit enters the room and gave Sree, Romil and Shivashish name for Kal Kothari Ki Saja. Later Bigg Boss asks Deepak to swap any one of them with the remaining one to which he saved Romil and sent Jasleen instead. This makes Sree angry and he started shouting that he won’t go inside the jail but later Shivashish and Jasleen request him to come so he finally agrees.

Sreesanth calls the Bigg Boss show as the worst one ever and is also seen angry with Deepak. Let’s see what happens tomorrow in the Weekend Ka Vaar when Salman takes charge of the house.