Brand Services

With the widespread use of Internet, your brand or business cannot survive without online reviews. People will review you whenever they get the chance or mostly for bad things that can happen with any business. Its time that you manage your online reviews and reputation better. With brand services, we help you do just that. To avail of any services/subscriptions below, kindly send an email to

Review Collection Options & Services

There are many ways to encourage your consumers to leave a review for you because if you do not do so, they will mostly leave reviews only when their experience is not good making your brand or business look bad online. You can start by adding “Review Us” banners on your website or stores and link them to or our write a review page or your own brand review page if available (if not email us and we will have it ready for you). You can find banners to use below. If you need any custom banner or a banner with your logo in it, please email us and our brand executives will get that for you for FREE.

You can right click the banner and download it on your computer to use it on your website or store.

Another way of collecting reviews is by emailing your buyers asking them to leave a review if they are happy and contact you before leaving a review if they are unhappy. This will help your brand or business get glowing reviews online.

There are many more ways to manage your review marketing and online reputation but it depends on the kind of business you have so if you need any further assistance with regards to getting good reviews for your brand or business, you can email us and our brand executives will help you further.

Instant Replies Subscription

With this service subscription, our brand executives will work as your white label customer service team. You provide them with detailed FAQ and answers to common queries or information on where to redirect the reviewer to get the support they need and our brand executives will reply to a review accordingly as soon as its published. The cost of this subscription starts with just INR 1000 per month (or 10000 per year) which includes 100 review replies per month and more replies will be billed at INR 25 per review reply.

Customized Ad Offer Subscription

With this service subscription, you can provide a banner or text ad to be posted on your brand page which can be a customized offer for people reviewing your services. These ads convert better because people coming to your brand page to review you or read your review are already your customers or likely customers looking for your brand or business reviews. These are hot leads which are waiting to convert so strike them with an offer right there with a banner or text ad. Costs only INR 500 per month (or 5000 per year) and ad can be changed at anytime.

Sponsored Advertising

ReviewItIndia is a consumer first brand so if you have something to put in front of consumers in India, you are at the right place. With our sponsored advertising, you can grab eyeballs of Indian consumers easily. We work with only few selected advertisers or businesses or brands so if approved by our management, your sponsored advertising is bound to catch most of the attention on our portal. We offer sponsored editorial and guest reviews, sponsored text or banner ads across the website, title sponsorship of any duration (Your_Brand_Name, powered by title sponsorship of any duration ( powered by Your_Brand_Name) and any other sponsored advertising & collaboration deals. To book your sponsored deal, simply send an email to and one of our brand executives will get back to you within 24 hours (M-F).

Please note that using our brand services does not mean we will alter reviews or post only good reviews about your business. It simply means that we provide you tools and services to make sure your customers having good experience can share that with the world and you get a chance to turn around experience of customers writing bad reviews about your brand or business.