Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 23 Sep 2018 Updates

So the weekend ka vaar episode continued on Sunday as well. Varun Dhawan started the show with a song and later called Salman Khan on the stage. He introduced him to his upcoming movie Sui Dhaaga and promoted the movie. He even challenged Salman Khan for Sui dhaaga challenge where he asked Salman to write his initials on a piece of cloth and Salman succeeded in doing that and Varun appreciated him. Varun told Salman about the task that he assigned to the housemates in the BB house. The task was BB made in India where the groups were made of 4 in each and they had to make cusions. Sree was the captain and had to judge the opposite team and Somi  from the opposite team was supposed to judge Sree’s team.

BB asked the captains to count and say who is the winner Sree played fairly while Dipika accused Somi for not being fair. So orange team (pair ones) won the task. Salman and Varun entered the house through Panasonic OLED TV and congratulated Orange team and asked Somi who was the best performer where Somi choose Jasleen and then Anup was asked to give the winning team a shield and Jasleen a medal. When asked Sree who is the worst performer in his team he took his name and gets the “tope ki salaami” in the garden area.

Salman is seen appreciating Anup Jalota and how he act sporty in the torture room. Later Salman and Varun are seen recreating Andaaz apna apna  sequence on BB12. Then Varun left the show and then Salman entered the house again. He called the 3 out of jail and told them to act thoughtfully in every decision and even asks them who they think should have been at their place.

Salman brings Deepika- Shristy  and Somi-Saba to Sultani Akhada. In the first round of verbal spat with maximum votes by housemates  Khan sisters wins whereas in the second round (kabbadi) Shristy and Deepika wins and are announced as winner. Salman gave special power to the winners that they won’t have to work until next captaincy task.

Salman later announced that there would be no eviction this week. Both singles and Jodi’s are seen discussing the game plan for the upcoming days.
Day 7 started with release of Romil, KV and Nirmal out of the jail. Urvashi is seen telling other team members how she has seen Somi tearing the stiches of opposites team cushion and it was not a fair game. Later all housemates get into argument on the same topic. Let’s see what happens next in a fresh second week of Big Boss Season 12.