Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 30 Sep 2018 Updates

Weekend ka Vaar continued and today Deepak started the episode singing a song for Bigg Boss show. Salman said that this was the best song ever composed for Bigg Boss. Later Salman asked to bring in the cupcakes from the store room and reads out the statement given by the others to them. And then contestants have to guess who has said that and then has to smash a cupcake on their face pulled by a catapault.

Thereafter, Karan Patel entered Bigg Boss house and gave a task to all the housemates. It was named as donation camp wherein all housemates have to donate one quality of theirs to any one out of the rest. He started with Anup and Jasleen. Anup gave truthfulness to Deepak and Jasleen donates honesty to Deepika. When asked  Deepika she gave intelligence to Saurabh to make a better place in the game. Then he called Urvashi and Deepak where Deepak donated daring to Anup. Shivashish donates loyalty to Romil and then Neha donates mental strength to Sreesanth but he denies and didn’t accept it saying I don’t want to wear it. He said that I am very real and I am not accepting it. Sreesanth leaves the task and moves to the washroom getting annoyed over Neha’s comment on mental strength. Khan sister’s gifted unity to Neha and then Karanvir is being donated chalaki by Karan Patel and then he leaves the house.

Sreesanth was seen getting emotional in the washroom where other housemates are seen telling him he is very strong. All housemates were seen talking against Deepika and Neha. Later Ayush Sharma and Warina Hussain promote their movie Love Yatri on the sets of BB12. And thereafter, in Sultani Akhada Jasleen and Deepika came together where Jasleen won the first round with housemates maximum votes and in the second round Deepika won 2 points and became winner and won goodie bag.

Salman after celebrating with Deepika broke the news that someone again will be eliminated tonight and he asked Romil and Nirmal to come out and meet him on the stage. They seem to be shocked as they were not expecting any nominations tonight. When they went to the stage Salman gave them an offer that if they wish they could again enter the BB house but only one among both. Nirmal without giving a second thought said Romil should go back to BB house and I would prefer staying out. So Salman sent Romil back though he has not entered the house yet. On the other hand Shristy, Sreesanth, Deepak and Karanvir are seen talking about the behaviour of Neha and Deepika. With the beginning of 3rd week  more spice would be added by the makers of the show to entertain the viewers. Let’s see how Romil reacts after coming back to the house and how he carries his game from here on.