Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 28th Oct 2018 Updates

Salman enters the house informing there was a Big Chef contest where Megha and Dipika competed with each other with their made food and all housemates had to taste and decide who is a better chef. When Deepika offered her food to Sreesanth he denied eating it though everyone else tasted. When Salman asked who cooks better all took Megha’s name though Salman said final decision lies with him and after tasting their food he also announced Megha as the winner.

Salman informed the housemates that according to an online survey most of the viewers want to see Karanveer and Deepak in the kitchen and Deepika doing the bathroom chores. Then appy fizz caller calls in and talks to Sreesanth and asks him why did he mix dishwasher which he wanted to give to Somi. All the housemates were shocked as they were unaware of it. Sreesanth clarifies saying he was just trying to scare her and would have never offered it to her to drink.

Later Salman called Anup Jalota out of the house saying he has been evicted this week. Then Salman tells Rohit that all girls were excited to see him in the house and asks him to sit on a love seat and asks him to select a girl with whom he wants to share his seat. He selects Shristy and sat with her. Meanwhile Salman noticed that Deepak stopped Somi from sitting beside Rohit to which Salman teased him along with other housemates.

Later Salman introduced an eggicting task where he told the conversations against any of the housemates and they had to guess who spoke such sentence and had to break an egg on their head. Task turned out to be very interesting as everyone took their chance. Later Happy club and Wolf pack goes to Sultani Akhada for Dangal where Wolf pack won the dangal. Finally Salman made the second eviction and eliminated Saba Khan out of the show to which Somi got upset and emotional. Let’s see what happens in the next week.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 27th Oct 2018 Updates

This week Salman is back with lots of entertainment and gave us a glimpse of the last week on how housemates broke up with each other. He also showed how Sree behaved in the jail with Deepak and insulted him as well. He was seen abusing him for no valid reason just out of his anger and frustration. Salman also informed that this week there will be double elimination and two will go home out of the nominated contestants.

Salman enters the house through Panasonic OLED TV and welcomes the wild card entry Megha and Rohit. Then Salman asks housemates to take one name for Khalnayak Khursi. Majority voted for Deepak while Salman chose Sreesanth and ask him to sit on Khalnayak Khursi. Salman asks Jasleen to tell what exactly Sree said to Deepak, she repeats exactly his words to which Salman gets angry and tells him that this not how he should treat someone as most of us has come up from poor family.

He also says that this show does not support any kind of discrimination in terms of caste, color, status or religion and he should maintain his dignity. He also told Deepika and Shivashish not to support Sree in his actions as to the audience it is going on a wrong way. Salman also tells Sree not to threaten anyone that he will teach them outside house. Salman being the host of the show never supported anyone in their wrong behavior irrespective of the fact who that person is.

After Salman takes a break Sreesanth moves to the washroom and cries inside while Jasleen and Deepak request him to come out. Salman comes back and tells Shivashish he was the worst Sanchalak ever in the Bigg Boss house and he did not play his part well in the captaincy task. Salman then asks Deepika why did they shift their captaincy preference to which Jasleen said that Deepika is insecure with Megha as she feel that Megha is taking control of kitchen. Though Deepika denies the fact while Megha agrees and all housemates laugh.

Salman then tells all the housemates that they are being trolled for making wrong comments on Rohit Suchanti’s after his entrance in the house. Then he showed various clips where Sreesanth, Shivashish, Jasleen, Karanveer and Shristy were seen discussing about him. Many made comments on his sexual preferences and his way of dressing up. When Salman goes for a break Rohit loses his cool and started shouting at Sreesanth and tells him to look after his son. Salman later comes and tells all the housemates to be in their limits and not to speak anything wrong about each other.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 21st Oct 2018 Updates

Today on start of the show, Karanveer got to see video sent by her family. Later Sohaib (Deepika’s husband), Bhuvneshwari (Sreesanth’s wife) and Manish (Shristy’s fiancé) were called on the stage and allegations were charged against their partners and they had to defend them. Sohaib was asked to answer on behalf of Dipika where he defended her completely saying she is a genuine person and has no intention to hurt others.

Dibang was also on the stage with Salman to ask about allegations made on the housemates. Later came Manish who protected Shristy saying she doesn’t get into unnecessary fights. Lastly came Bhuvaneshwari whom Dibang asked about Sreesanth’s character as what he is doing inside the house. When Salman said that he is disrespectful towards other contestants to which she defended that he is natural and he doesn’t speak Hindi much that’s why he gets benefit of doubt. Dibang was convinced that Sreesanth’s wife was great defending him and later all of them left.

In Sultani Akhada Salman called Romil and Sreesanth, where Romil won the game. Later Sreesanth and Romil get into verbal arguments regarding Sultani Akhada. Jasleen and Saba are safe from today’s eviction. Saurabh Patel was evicted tonight and Salman Khan announces the entry of wild card contestants soon in the house. Let’s see what happens next and who joins the housemates.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 20th Oct 2018 Updates

Salman started the show today and showed clips of the Kaal Kothari where Sreesanth and Surabhi got into ugly fight and housemates are seen discussing about Surabhi’s smoking in the bathroom.

Salman went inside the house and congratulated Shivashish for his captaincy. Later spoke to Sreesanth about his behaviour on the Ghoda Gadi task where he spitted on Deepak’s name. Surabhi told Salman that he does everything to gain attention from all the housemates and intentionally created chaos inside the house.

Salman advised Sreesanth to maintain his dignity as he is a sportsman and he should not behave aggressively inside the house. Salman even clarified that Surabhi did not smoke in the bathroom and Jasleen was held responsible for her false allegations against Surabhi. Salman announces Karanveer and Shristy to be safe from elimination tonight. Later calls Appy Fizz caller of the week who asks Jasleen as why she is forming a gang inside the house. When asked about the housemate to be sent to the torture room, most voted against Surabhi. As she is a vegetarian she asked Romil to go at her place as there was a fish inside and he did it for her. Let’s see who gets evicted tomorrow, till then keep reading and do what you love to do.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 13-14th Oct 2018 Updates

Weekend Ka Vaar is here with lots of twist and drama. Two contestants Anup ji and Sreesanth who are staying in the secret room are now supposed to enter the house this weekend after getting one eliminated among KV and Neha.

Salman questioned Deepika that why she chose Sreesanth to go home. Deepika clarifies that he wanted to go home so I helped him. Surabhi and Romil speak against Deepika that she thought him to be a competition and this was the best chance to get rid of him as being a friend she could have saved him. Deepak sang the same song for Sreesanth on Salman’s request on which Sree gets emotional.

Karanvir was even asked by Salman as why he did not support Deepak when he complained to him of Shivashish hitting him. KV went ahead and apologised to Salman saying that it was his mistake that he did not support Deepak. The discussion came about Shivashish intentionally hitting Deepak as it was a planned move by him with Saurabh and Sreesanth.

Saurabh denied that he wasn’t aware of the plan where Salman played two clips in front of the audience where planning and execution of the same was shown. Shivashish did not feel like accepting it as his mistake but later accepted and sorted the matter out. Later Shristy and Saba were asked to clear their point as such ugly fights were not supposed to happen inside the house. Shristy apologised and accepted her mistake.

Salman lashed out at all the contestants for being physical with each other. He warns them that if this happens again he will throw that person out of the house. Then Shivashish was sent to the torture room where he had to spice onion until Bigg Boss doesn’t stop him. Later Kajol came to promote her upcoming movie Helicopter Eela on the stage with Salman Khan.

He asked her to arrange blocks of Ajay Devgan’s face puzzle while he kept asking her questions, she won it. Kajol went inside Bigg Boss house and played games with the contestants. Later housemates were seen celebrating Navratri night with some known faces inside the house. Divyansh was seen as a host for navratri night in the garden area. He engaged all the contestants in some or other tasks and also called Advil-Alok to perform as well. It was such a great time seeing so many dancers performing on one single night. Lately Neha Pendse was eliminated this week.

Tomorrow would be a new twist as BB will dissolve the concept of Jodi and from now on ward each will play for their own. Most probably Anup ji and Sreesanth would enter the house so a lot to look out for. Stay connected and keep reading.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 7 Oct 2018 Updates

Weekend ka vaar continued today starting with Salman singing a song from Sultan. Later he said an astrologer visited the housemates and it was none other than Bharti Singh (comedian). She made everyone laugh and made all contestants perform their best. Deepak and Anup Ji sang together and won all hearts whereas Neha danced on a pole which was worth watching. Jasleen danced making Anup as a pole and later Bharti even did the same. Bharti promoted her upcoming show India’s Got Talent and then went out of the house.

Salman entered the house through Panasonic OLED TV and Deepak welcomed him with a song dedicated to him. Salman asked Sreesanth to go to the confession room as he has got something for him. Sreesanth went inside and saw a video clip sent by his wife, who told him to be strong and not to be emotional as this is just a game. He got emotional after seeing his wife and kids.

Bharti came to meet Salman on the BB stage where she introduces herself as Salman Khan’s wife.  When Salman asks her to show proof she calls 9 kids saying they are his kids from BB last 9 season. She did perform very well and was applauded by all.

Salman then went inside the house and informed Anup ji and Jasleen that they have got least no of votes but BB would give one more chance where one will leave and other would stay back. Anup ji without giving a second thought decided to leave the house and asked Jasleen to be strong and play well. Karanvir and other housemates were seen getting emotional on his exit.

Though later Salman opened the twist saying there is no eviction and Anup Ji will stay in the secret room of BB from where he will keep a close eye on all especially Jasleen. Hope next week it will be more fun as Bigg Boss is trying hard to get audience hooked to this show.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 6 Oct 2018 Updates

Again weekend ka vaar episode came in with one elimination this week. But Salman always comes in a different style and as lots of movies are always in a row to release so the celebrities for promotion also comes every week. Salman was seen waking up with his Partner movie co-star Govinda and discussing about nominations as a game. The first one to be nominated by them would be Shahrukh Khan. Bigg Boss makes them leave the house as they were discussing nominations.

Then they both danced together on the song of their movie partner on BB stage. Later Salman showed some clips from a task performed inside the BB house wherein contestants had to apply sandalwood paste or mud paste on the cut outs of new captains Romil and Surabhi. Most of the contestants throws mud paste on Surabhi’s face while Deepak, Urvashi and Shivashish applied Sabdalwood Paste. Romil even got mixed reactions but actually they got to know what others think about them.

Govinda then promotes his movie Fryday on the stage. Salman appreciates him for his work and the way he spoke dialogue at a fast pace. Both enter the house through Panasonic OLED TV. Housemates get overjoyed seeing Govinda. Salman calls Shivashish and Sreesanth to repeat the dialogue after Govinda. Shivashish somehow tries it but for Sreesanth it seemed to be tough. Everyone was seen enjoying this game, Govinda asks the housemates who is the topi baaz of the house and everyone randomly chose Romil, KV gave him a topi and later he was given top ki salami by KV.

In another task housemates were asked to pretend as salesman and to sell certain goods like Surabhi had to sell a pressure cooker to Sreesanth, Deepika to sell bomb to Surabhi and Deepak to give Anup Ji Kaddu and Jasleen Churi. Everyone one had a great time doing such task with Govinda.  Back to the stage Salman and Govinda played few games and it was worth watching them. They both did their part very well and after sending Govinda from BB stage Salman came back to the housemates to give them proper class.

He asked Sreesanth, Neha and KV as why they are sitting on a different bench. When they tried to reason their mistakes Salman told them they don’t want to be in bad books so they voted themselves and hence BB gave them punishment so they won’t repeat it again.  Salman asks singles why did they give up in the Jwalamukhi task where KV was seen saying that their strength was less and they thought of playing a mind game so they left it on the Jodis to fight among themselves. Salman even spoke to Deepika why she did not appreciate Neha’s decision of disqualifying Somi, Deepika told him she did not find Somi guilty and Neha did not warn her properly and if she did not disqualify Surabhi on her bad behaviour then she can’t disqualify Somi as well.

Salman agreed with Deepika and said that Shivashish was seen changing hands while doing the task then why she did not disqualify him. Deepak said that he even witnessed it but kept quiet. Salman even told Sreesanth that he could not just let go a task because of the next person being girl, captaincy comes with great responsibility along with powers and they should not forget that this is a game and only one would be the winner.

Later, Neha was sent to the torture room as she was chosen as gunehgaar this week. She was tied to a chair and some liquid kept dripping on her from the nose above her head.

After Salman left the house, Saurabh and Deepak got into verbal fight over the ring task. Deepak told everyone that Saurabh stopped him as he saw Shivashish changing hands, but Saurabh doesn’t agree and says he never wanted captaincy. Sreesanth tried to calm down Deepak and Saurabh too.
Let’s see who gets eliminated tomorrow and what more twist will be added by BB. Keep watching Bigg Boss season 12.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode 30 Sep 2018 Updates

Weekend ka Vaar continued and today Deepak started the episode singing a song for Bigg Boss show. Salman said that this was the best song ever composed for Bigg Boss. Later Salman asked to bring in the cupcakes from the store room and reads out the statement given by the others to them. And then contestants have to guess who has said that and then has to smash a cupcake on their face pulled by a catapault.

Thereafter, Karan Patel entered Bigg Boss house and gave a task to all the housemates. It was named as donation camp wherein all housemates have to donate one quality of theirs to any one out of the rest. He started with Anup and Jasleen. Anup gave truthfulness to Deepak and Jasleen donates honesty to Deepika. When asked  Deepika she gave intelligence to Saurabh to make a better place in the game. Then he called Urvashi and Deepak where Deepak donated daring to Anup. Shivashish donates loyalty to Romil and then Neha donates mental strength to Sreesanth but he denies and didn’t accept it saying I don’t want to wear it. He said that I am very real and I am not accepting it. Sreesanth leaves the task and moves to the washroom getting annoyed over Neha’s comment on mental strength. Khan sister’s gifted unity to Neha and then Karanvir is being donated chalaki by Karan Patel and then he leaves the house.

Sreesanth was seen getting emotional in the washroom where other housemates are seen telling him he is very strong. All housemates were seen talking against Deepika and Neha. Later Ayush Sharma and Warina Hussain promote their movie Love Yatri on the sets of BB12. And thereafter, in Sultani Akhada Jasleen and Deepika came together where Jasleen won the first round with housemates maximum votes and in the second round Deepika won 2 points and became winner and won goodie bag.

Salman after celebrating with Deepika broke the news that someone again will be eliminated tonight and he asked Romil and Nirmal to come out and meet him on the stage. They seem to be shocked as they were not expecting any nominations tonight. When they went to the stage Salman gave them an offer that if they wish they could again enter the BB house but only one among both. Nirmal without giving a second thought said Romil should go back to BB house and I would prefer staying out. So Salman sent Romil back though he has not entered the house yet. On the other hand Shristy, Sreesanth, Deepak and Karanvir are seen talking about the behaviour of Neha and Deepika. With the beginning of 3rd week  more spice would be added by the makers of the show to entertain the viewers. Let’s see how Romil reacts after coming back to the house and how he carries his game from here on.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 29 Sep 2018 Updates

As one more week ends so here comes weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan. He will ask all the housemates today about last week and what is the exact problem going between all. He has also mentioned that this week there will be double eviction.

Ayushmann Khurrana is seen entering BB house and meeting all the contestants. He is also seen discussing with the housemates about all the issues. He also asks their opinion about who just follows others without putting his own opinion so housemates point out Nirmal and Saurabh.

He also asks the housemates to number the contestants on the basis of their entertainment and left the house. Then Salman enters through OLED TV and tells them that they are not aware how they look from outside and their numbering is far from being right. He later tells that Kathghara task will be conducted wherein few housemates have to answer the accusations by other housemates. Anup and Jasleen were the first one to stand in the katghara and answers all the accusations against them. Later comes Deepak and Urvashi where Deepak has been accused that he keeps buttering the housemates and playing safe. Deepak denies such allegations and says he doesn’t butter anyone. Later comes Karanvir Vohra who is being accused for being selfish, diplomatic and big game planner. He tries to defend himself and answers all the questions.

After discussing with all the housemates Romil is being sent to the torture room where he has to face some slaps. Later calls the Appy Fizz caller of the week who blames Sreesanth for being double standard whereas Romil even points at Sreesanth . He denies being double standard and even gets annoyed with Romil.

Salman is seen sharing the stage with Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu who are promoting their upcoming movie. They are seen doing some fun time on the stage with Salman Khan. Later Salman eliminates Kriti and Roshmi from the BB house saying tomorrow will be one more eviction. So let’s see who that single or Jodi is tomorrow.

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 23 Sep 2018 Updates

So the weekend ka vaar episode continued on Sunday as well. Varun Dhawan started the show with a song and later called Salman Khan on the stage. He introduced him to his upcoming movie Sui Dhaaga and promoted the movie. He even challenged Salman Khan for Sui dhaaga challenge where he asked Salman to write his initials on a piece of cloth and Salman succeeded in doing that and Varun appreciated him. Varun told Salman about the task that he assigned to the housemates in the BB house. The task was BB made in India where the groups were made of 4 in each and they had to make cusions. Sree was the captain and had to judge the opposite team and Somi  from the opposite team was supposed to judge Sree’s team.

BB asked the captains to count and say who is the winner Sree played fairly while Dipika accused Somi for not being fair. So orange team (pair ones) won the task. Salman and Varun entered the house through Panasonic OLED TV and congratulated Orange team and asked Somi who was the best performer where Somi choose Jasleen and then Anup was asked to give the winning team a shield and Jasleen a medal. When asked Sree who is the worst performer in his team he took his name and gets the “tope ki salaami” in the garden area.

Salman is seen appreciating Anup Jalota and how he act sporty in the torture room. Later Salman and Varun are seen recreating Andaaz apna apna  sequence on BB12. Then Varun left the show and then Salman entered the house again. He called the 3 out of jail and told them to act thoughtfully in every decision and even asks them who they think should have been at their place.

Salman brings Deepika- Shristy  and Somi-Saba to Sultani Akhada. In the first round of verbal spat with maximum votes by housemates  Khan sisters wins whereas in the second round (kabbadi) Shristy and Deepika wins and are announced as winner. Salman gave special power to the winners that they won’t have to work until next captaincy task.

Salman later announced that there would be no eviction this week. Both singles and Jodi’s are seen discussing the game plan for the upcoming days.
Day 7 started with release of Romil, KV and Nirmal out of the jail. Urvashi is seen telling other team members how she has seen Somi tearing the stiches of opposites team cushion and it was not a fair game. Later all housemates get into argument on the same topic. Let’s see what happens next in a fresh second week of Big Boss Season 12.