Writing A Good Review To Help Others

A good review means your real & honest re-view of anything. How it looks to you? What are the things you feel should be appreciated or should be brought to the notice of the others so they can avoid it. Your review should not consist of basic generic information as that’s already available online for others to see. It should only consist of your views regarding the product or service or brand or place.

So with this post, we will try and highlight few points which if you will keep in mind while writing a review, it will surely be a good review and will not only help a lot of consumers in India but will also help you gain trust as a review author and with more and more brands in India going online nowadays for marketing, your position as a good review author can earn you free product samples, free hotel stays and sometimes some handy extra income for writing honest reviews. So you have got nothing to lose but a lot to gain by writing a good genuine review.

Be Honest In Your Review

This is most important thing. If your review sounds like a promotion or a personal bashing, it won’t gain the trust of the consumers reading it. No matter how sad, angry or happy you are while writing your review, keep it honest and describe what expectations you had and what you got. Do not make it personal. A genuine good or bad review is more appealing to a future consumer so your honest opinion will help them make a better decision.

Write What You Can Prove

Most of the time people write a lot of things in their reviews but do not have enough evidence to prove that what they wrote is truth. So write only the facts and things you can prove later if asked in your review. This way, your review will stand out among other generic reviews as a solid review backed up by facts and evidences.

Keep It Simple & Short

An age long saying is to keep it simple & short. You don’t need a long review to make your point. Rather, keep it short and simple. Make your points right away, do not tell a story. A review is your view about anything so you should just stick to the points you wish to make. People are more willing to read quick reviews rather than long ones. Also especially in India, English is not the first language and hence you should use simple words in your review so that even someone with very little knowledge of English can understand it.

Post Pictures & Videos If You Can

Along with your reviews, pictures can help say it louder so if you have any pictures that can support your review, do post it. And if you have made videos about the thing you are reviewing then post it as well along with your review to make your review look more genuine and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Highlight The Main Points

Sometimes people are in a hurry but they still search online to read reviews quickly before making their decision so in that case, if you can highlight major points in your review by making those lines BOLD or underlined OR bullet points then that will surely get the attention.

Summarize The End

No matter the length of your reviews, do summarize it at the end so that others know what exactly you decided. So writing even a single line at the end of your review like “Due to the issues I faced with customer service of this brand, I would think twice before using this brand products in future”, will help other consumers make their mind.

So keep the above points in mind for a good review and write a review today on ReviewItIndia.com to help others & also get a chance to win Amazon gift cards with our review reward contests. For any help, do comment below or contact our support team.