Editors Corner

Dec 2021: Upgrade Notice

Change is inevitable. Its a truth. No matter what you do, life and things change with time. After six long years, ReviewItIndia.com has also seen a change. We have upgraded the premium Indian review portal to make it more user friendly as well more focused on its core functionality: reviews.

Everything in this new portal revolves around reviews. Real reviews and nothing else.

Major changes include:

  • No registration required for leaving reviews
  • Ability to leave a review right on the brand page
  • Ability to leave a review without category selections
  • Clutter free responsive design of all site areas
  • Quick easy search bar and browse reviews section
  • Annoying advertising removed
  • More exposure for your reviews with better search engine indexing
  • Introduction of brand services to help brands connect with consumers

And a lot more changes. The only sad part of this upgrade was that we had to purge (delete) all our old data (reviews as well as user database) but we hope with all the upgrades we did, it was worth it. Come, let’s build a better review portal of India by writing a review today about anything in India to help your fellow Indian consumers.

Team ReviewItIndia