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LG Dual Inverter AC

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Sep 27, 2018 10:54 pm

Last year in June 2017 I decided to buy LG Dual Inverter AC as it was the most talked about AC in the market due to its dual Inverter properly. It is a 3 star AC and won’t add much to your bill. Like any other AC it worked well for the first few months. If you turn on AC through its remote you will literally feel the chill. Yes I was very happy but just for few months later whatever happened was just a night mare. In Delhi you really need to have a good AC because of its high temperature in summers and later as well.So we use AC till October but within 6 months problem started we called LG got the servicing done and then there was no need to use it as winters are too cold. 

This year we shifted the house and called LG service centre for uninstallation and installation process. They did everything very well but when we turned it on the cooling has drastically gone bad. Even in High Cool you won’t feel any cool. We again called the customer care and the technician came in cleaned the vents and said it will serve the purpose. Later the same thing happened. So every time the technician came in we have to a pay a service charge of RS 600. But till now our problem has not been fixed and we are just waiting to sell it off. Just think we paid a huge sum of money for an AC and within a year we feel that it was a wrong choice. Investing thousands of rupees somewhere else would have fetched you better interest. I purchased it online through Amazon and this was the worst choice ever. Would never recommend this product.

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