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Posted By: warrior Category: Online & App Services
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Feb 23, 2020 4:04 pm

Rapido as per my opinion is one of the most considerable and pocket friendly commuting application in contrast with other commuting applications.

Compared to other competitors Rapido fares are the cheapest and they provide power pass too which cuts down the fare more and this pass has validity for short duration. The Power Pass is very cheap and I usually buy instantly whenever it is updated by Rapido team.

I like that Rapido provides Insurance with every trip one makes. Riders are experienced and they don't argue if I tell them to come from other path. Rapido has its own wallet known as Rapido Wallet and if we load payment directly into it from our source account and then pay our fare from Rapido Wallet we get the ride at much lesser cost.

Once my payment was deducted as the rider accepted my ride mistakenly but the customer care refunded my payment within the assured given time and apologized for it. 

Pros: 1)The location it tracks is accurate and the rider/captain reaches on time. 2) Customer care is very responsive.

Cons: 1) The frequency of releasing Power Pass is less. 2) The rider/captain does not carry extra helmet most of the time.

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