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Colgate Optic White Whitening Mouthwash Review

Posted By: Prajapati987 Category: Baby Products & Services
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Mar 04, 2020 7:12 am

Ok here's my story. I got a unopened bottle of Colgate optic white rinse. Used it 3 times. The first time brushed first then rinsed my mouth. Felt weird gums. Foaming around the teeth. Ah it's working? Next morning brushed again, rinsed again then rinsed with plain water. Teeth felt sore again. Wow this stuff is strong. Guess it's cleaning them up. Off to work. That night had some microwave popcorn. Ate it, brushed and rinsed again, flushed with water, went to bed. I awoke to a mouth full of teeth that felt loose swallow gums and on the foot of my mouth a big lump. Hurt like hell. Had a wake and a viewing to attend that morning.


Saturday pain was like none I ever felt before. Called around. My dentist out of town. No one would take me. A family member a doctor had look at it. Said it looks like a blocked gland and infected gave me some antibiotics and steroids to take till I got into see my dentist. She confirmed it another script on antibiotic. So far I've been on 3 set of antibiotics pain still there swelling has gone down it's getting better. No cavities. Xrays clean. But still in pain there talking. Root canal now and I'm getting pissed. This seems to be the cause of my problem. And there lots more horror stories on this product. Where's a lawyer when you need one. Going on day 26 now. So if you never took this product don't. It's like drinking acid. Pain like I never had in my life. Leave it on the shelf or more like why is it still on the shelf? For me I'm going to speak to a lawyer. It's an unsafe product and I think people should be aware of it.

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