Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar 6 Oct 2018 Updates

Again weekend ka vaar episode came in with one elimination this week. But Salman always comes in a different style and as lots of movies are always in a row to release so the celebrities for promotion also comes every week. Salman was seen waking up with his Partner movie co-star Govinda and discussing about nominations as a game. The first one to be nominated by them would be Shahrukh Khan. Bigg Boss makes them leave the house as they were discussing nominations.

Then they both danced together on the song of their movie partner on BB stage. Later Salman showed some clips from a task performed inside the BB house wherein contestants had to apply sandalwood paste or mud paste on the cut outs of new captains Romil and Surabhi. Most of the contestants throws mud paste on Surabhi’s face while Deepak, Urvashi and Shivashish applied Sabdalwood Paste. Romil even got mixed reactions but actually they got to know what others think about them.

Govinda then promotes his movie Fryday on the stage. Salman appreciates him for his work and the way he spoke dialogue at a fast pace. Both enter the house through Panasonic OLED TV. Housemates get overjoyed seeing Govinda. Salman calls Shivashish and Sreesanth to repeat the dialogue after Govinda. Shivashish somehow tries it but for Sreesanth it seemed to be tough. Everyone was seen enjoying this game, Govinda asks the housemates who is the topi baaz of the house and everyone randomly chose Romil, KV gave him a topi and later he was given top ki salami by KV.

In another task housemates were asked to pretend as salesman and to sell certain goods like Surabhi had to sell a pressure cooker to Sreesanth, Deepika to sell bomb to Surabhi and Deepak to give Anup Ji Kaddu and Jasleen Churi. Everyone one had a great time doing such task with Govinda.  Back to the stage Salman and Govinda played few games and it was worth watching them. They both did their part very well and after sending Govinda from BB stage Salman came back to the housemates to give them proper class.

He asked Sreesanth, Neha and KV as why they are sitting on a different bench. When they tried to reason their mistakes Salman told them they don’t want to be in bad books so they voted themselves and hence BB gave them punishment so they won’t repeat it again.  Salman asks singles why did they give up in the Jwalamukhi task where KV was seen saying that their strength was less and they thought of playing a mind game so they left it on the Jodis to fight among themselves. Salman even spoke to Deepika why she did not appreciate Neha’s decision of disqualifying Somi, Deepika told him she did not find Somi guilty and Neha did not warn her properly and if she did not disqualify Surabhi on her bad behaviour then she can’t disqualify Somi as well.

Salman agreed with Deepika and said that Shivashish was seen changing hands while doing the task then why she did not disqualify him. Deepak said that he even witnessed it but kept quiet. Salman even told Sreesanth that he could not just let go a task because of the next person being girl, captaincy comes with great responsibility along with powers and they should not forget that this is a game and only one would be the winner.

Later, Neha was sent to the torture room as she was chosen as gunehgaar this week. She was tied to a chair and some liquid kept dripping on her from the nose above her head.

After Salman left the house, Saurabh and Deepak got into verbal fight over the ring task. Deepak told everyone that Saurabh stopped him as he saw Shivashish changing hands, but Saurabh doesn’t agree and says he never wanted captaincy. Sreesanth tried to calm down Deepak and Saurabh too.
Let’s see who gets eliminated tomorrow and what more twist will be added by BB. Keep watching Bigg Boss season 12.