Debit Card Blocked? Learn How To Avoid The Scams

So one day, I got a call from someone telling me that my debit card has been blocked even though I just used it few hours back. I just told the person that its OK, I do not want to get it activated and cut off the phone. The way I was tried to be scammed has become a major headache for Indian bank users. Hundreds of cases are reported everywhere in India where someone loses their money over a phone call. One of the methods used by the fraudsters is to call you and tell you that your debit card has been blocked and then get the sensitive data from you in the name of activating it again and ultimately stealing your hard earned money from your bank account. In this article, you will learn how you can avoid this scam.

Identify The Calls

First of all, do not take calls from unknown numbers. Install apps like Truecaller where you will learn instantly who is calling (mostly they are right) so you can decide whether to pick the call or not. Now, if you still manage to take a call from the fraudster, see below.

Bank Will Never Call You Asking For Your Sensitive Information

No staff of bank will ever call you asking for your sensitive information like card pin, CVV, expiry date, number, OTP etc. So when someone calls and ask for this, no matter how genuine that calls seem, disconnect the call immediately and block the number.

Your Card Is Blocked For Real

If you get to know while using your card or by an SMS from bank that you card has been really blocked, do not panic. Simply call the bank customer care directly and let them know that your card has been blocked. They will either unblock it for you or if it was blocked as a precaution for your account, will send you a brand new debit card free of cost to either your registered communication address or any bank branch across the India.

So never share any sensitive details on call. Whenever in doubt about the genuineness of any call, simply disconnect the call and call the bank customer care line directly. They will let you know about whether your card has actually been blocked or not. Do not fall for this scam anymore. Share this article with as many people as you can so that Indians can eliminate this form of fraud.

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