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White Wisdom Dental

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Sep 19, 2018 4:12 pm

Like our physical and mental health, Oral health is necessary too and no one should ignore that. It is very well said that nutrition starts right from your mouth so you need to take care of teeths as well. Its not necessary for you to have some sort of dental issues then only you should visit a dentist. Like once in 6 months or may be a year you can just go to get some dental check up done. 

There was some sort of pain in my wisdom tooth on the right side and then I visited many dentist to consult with. Every dentist whom I consulted just had one solution in their hand and that was to remove it. They said because its a wisdom tooth and you dont have to really use it so lets take it out. I went to dozens of them but I was not convinced with their solution. So finally I decided to go to delhi as we have better options available there. 

Meanwhile I thought of giving  last try and found a dental clinic in Hazratganj, Lucknow named White Wisdom Dental. So I took an online appointment for Dr. Hina Sadh and went there to consult her with very less hope. To my surprise she was the one and only doctor who said there is no point removing your teeth. She was pleased to see that my wisdom tooth was well erupted and was in a proper place. She took an X-ray and very well explained me what are my options and what would I like to do. So it was me who will have to decide whether I want to get the tooth removed or would like to save it.

For the first time in life I was convinced with someone at the very first go. She called me on a particular day according to my time and she did the procedure along with her colleague Dr Himanshu. Both of the doctors are excellent, they will explain you everything from X ray to gum problems anything and everything. 

DR Hina Sadh is a very humble and nice doctor. She would make you comfortable and believes in solving all your problems. She does not look after money and that is what I like most about her. We have visited them many a time and they seem to be more like family. I would recommend all the readers to try them if in Lucknow and they would feel the change. They are the best dentist in the town. You can get all their details from Practo and can consult them for sure. They even helps with implants and other dental issues as well and do not worry they do not keep any hidden charges.

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