Vivanta Surajkund Editorial Review – Avoid At All Costs, Forget Luxury, It’s Not Even 2 Star!

With business they get due to location and weddings, Vivanta Surajkund has declined in every aspect so much since it’s opening that it’s no longer even a 3 star hotel experience! As there is nothing to highlight on a positive note, we will directly share our experience.

When It Started

We visited this property when it was pretty new. We celebrated a special occasion there and hence was provided with a decorated suite with cake on arrival. Staff was welcoming and cared for us. To make our special occasion memorable, we opted for private barefoot pool dining experience which was breathtaking and out of the world. Food was superb too! During checkout, since we needed an hour extra after checkout, we got a call from GM who personally apologized and advised that since this is their highest category single suite and it’s the weekend, it has been booked and to get it ready for next guest we need it now and we were shifted to another lower category suite for just an hour without any extra charges! It was indeed near of a luxury experience so close to Delhi.

How It Is Now

Pathetic to say the least. No welcome or welcome message anywhere, you go to a cold reception on your own like you are buying tickets somewhere, pay for your stay upfront and then get a key and no one accompanies you to your suite, you have go and find it on your own. It does not end there. Our bathtub was clogged (and they along with their FO & GM knew were coming well in advance) and room had dust all over, it seemed no one took care of it during all these years and hence signs of wear and tear are everywhere. The bedding seemed old and we had to call 5 times to get a plumber who took another 2 hours to fix the bathtub issue. The only saving grace was food and one or two of in room dining and house keeping staff however for any food anywhere, even for in room dining, you have to pay in advance before you can relax and have that food!!! What a nonsense, prepaid food at a five star hotel! For checkout, we called 10 times for luggage pick up and then had to go personally to find and get a bell boy with trolley for our luggage myself. Such a huge hotel had just 2 luggage trolleys, pathetic again!


So Vivanta Surajkund is no longer a five star, not even a 2 star hotel. You can have better experience with 2 star hotels or even OYO. Even if you get a free stay at this hotel, do not stay, it’s not worth the stress.

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